Monday, January 23, 2012

Alienware X51, the computer console format

Anyone who follows closely the evolution of hardware components is well known that not only are becoming more powerful, but also getting smaller. The introduction of reduced size format has opened the door to countless projects of "modding", but also finished products and ready to use. Alienware has led to the end to some of its settings for laptops, but when you see the X51 , the first thought is that it is a console.

On several occasions I thought that if he were to pose my paws on an Xbox 360 , the first thing I do is install your hardware in a computer casing. No need to remember the many problems that Microsoft's console suffered at the hands of poor cooling, let alone the famous "Red Ring of Death" , courtesy of welds of poor quality, among other things. For now, Xbox 360 is not within my planned purchases, but the format encouraged both my ideas and those of many enthusiasts. Some of them have been modified extensively to the console, but others decided to work from a similar size with the aim of installing computer hardware. The format Mini-ITX has been a blessing, and there are motherboards you can install some components are very powerful.

On the other hand, you can use a ready-to-use alternative systems such as the X51 Alienware recently introduced. Alienware X51 dimensions are 343 mm in its upper part, by 95 mm wide and 318 mm deep, slightly larger than the first Xbox 360 format (309 by 83 by 258 mm). Your configuration may have some modifications according to the budget of the user. You may opt for a Core i3-2120, a Core i5-2320, or a Core i7-2600 (without the denomación K). Available graphics processors are the Geforce GT 545 Geforce GTX or 555. You can receive a maximum of up to 8 GB of DDR3 RAM and has a healthy repertoire of ports, among which are USB 2.0 (6), USB 3.0 (2), HDMI and optical audio outputs. The Alienware X51 is available with a one terabyte hard drive (I imagine that the user can install larger units on their own, even externally), Wireless-N card, and either a conventional DVD recorder, or a unit "combo" with Blu-ray.

From 543 euros
The price in the United States of Alienware X51 starts at $ 699 (543 €), amounting to $ 1,149 (893 €) at the highest setting. The amount may seem a bit high, especially if we consider that the user must also take over the mouse, keyboard, and of course the screen, but the assembled solutions are always attractive to a lot of users. On the other hand, I know that readers of NeoTeo have more sympathy for arming their own monsters that are smaller, and point to a format not bigger than a console would be a stunning project.


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