Monday, January 23, 2012

A wireless mouse without batteries

The independence of the cables is something that many users would not hesitate for a second to claim, but despite the increased autonomy that the batteries have been recorded in recent times, eventually leaving us at a critical time. It is not the first time we heard about a wireless mouse that requires no batteries, but the good news here is that the people of Genius has launched the DX-ECO BlueEye Mouse . How long do you need to load? Only three minutes.

Not having to deal with cables has great appeal, not to mention the aesthetic benefits that occur between certain computers. However, a golden rule is that wireless devices will know when the batteries have run out at exactly the time when you need to use them. But if the idea of ​​a battery-free wireless mouse grabs your attention, here's a different one.

This is the DX-ECO BlueEye Genius Mouse . You can choose the resolution between 800 and 1600 dpi, has a total of seven buttons, and uses a USB receiver peak, so you will not fight looking for a special position for the receiver (plug in a USB port front is certainly ideal but connected to a USB extender is also somewhat viable). It has an operating range of fifteen feet, and the recharge is through micro-USB cable included. The DX-ECO Mouse BlueEye only requires a charge time of three minutes, thanks to a so-called "golden capacitor" built-in mouse. This capacitor provides a maximum of one hundred thousand recharges , a number well above the amount of recharges batteries.

For 31 euros
The price is $ 40 U.S. (31 €), a reasonable sum. The user must not constantly recharge or have spare batteries installed ready when they run out. But more important is the recharge time. There are only three minutes, so you can go to steal something from the kitchen to chew or comply with a typical "biological commitment," and find the mouse fully charged when you return to your computer. When using a USB receiver there should be no compatibility issues, but does not mention support for Linux.


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