Saturday, November 19, 2011

Watson, IBM's artificial intelligence for the future

Who speaks today of Deep Blue? That the computer developed by IBM that a few years ago faced the former champion of chess Garry Kasparov . What makes a time seemed to suggest some of the possibilities of artificial intelligence has, somehow, below. Watson is an artificial intelligence system that claims to be able to emulate and surpass the human brain .

As part of the conference's Information on Demand , IBM's annual convention which was very interesting opportunity to attend, the company offered a demonstration of the capabilities of this system capable of responding to questions posed by human natural language.

Watson took only a few months ago a famous American television quiz, Jeopardy! , where easily defeated two of the best contestants in the history of the program and answered questions in a time less than three seconds .. Can be configured in different ways, Watson utiliiza all the innovations in analysis and data management at IBM, either by connecting to databases and encyclopedias stored on hard drives, such as internet, with this almost unlimited source is. Watson's role is precisely for this reason, the access, select and process information more appropriate to the situation or interaction required.

The intent of IBM is that in the future, Watson is able to interact in human terms to a large amount of processing s. Although experts as the philosopher John Searle has already shown its logical skepticism to the alleged human intellectual abilities that this system aims to make real IBM seems intent to HAL 9000, the famous board computer that Stanley Kubrick dreamed for his film 2001: A Odyssey the space .


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