Friday, November 25, 2011

New campaigns phishing messages pretend to Facebook and Apple

Cybercriminals do not rest. Various security companies have detected attacks phishing (e-deceptive) whose messages seem to be referred by Facebook, iTunes, Apple's online store.

In the first case, an email supposedly from Facebook, says the recipient's account will be closed within 24 hours by complaints from other users and sends them to a fake login page where the surfer must provide their personal data and account credit card.

Last week, Facebook suffered a stroke that filled the walls of users violent or pornographic images. The company confirmed it was due to an attack from spam . Now Sophos realize this new attempt of fraud .

After the first attack, Facebook said it had been the victim of a "coordinated attack" spam exploiting a vulnerability in servers. "Our efforts have drastically limited the damage and are in the process of identifying those responsible." During the attack, received the suggestion intenautas run a malicious program on javascript in your browser which led to increase the dissemination of materials.

In another attack, the mark is used fraudulently iTunes to offer a gift of $ 50 in purchases through the store. A ZIP attachment contains a malicious program that can allow attackers to gain access to the computer. This campaign is related to the U.S. Black Friday, the day that marks the beginning of the Christmas season sales and which offer all kinds of discounts.


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