Saturday, November 19, 2011

Screen TV to Facebook

Ubisoft has released new games based on popular television series. Hous e, CSI: Miami and Navy: Criminal Investigation will have its counterpart in social networks, just on Facebook, where they have won other similar titles. If it works on TV, why would not work in social networks?
The first of these characters to reach social network Zuckerberg will be the cranky Dr. House. Help users to develop diagnostics to patients getting into the skin of the protagonists of the series before the end of the year. Analyzing the symptoms, patients visualizing and examining environmental factors diagnosed players virtual patients. To achieve this will enlist the help of other social network friends.

Early next year, have been reported from Ubisoft, will launch NCIS: Major Crimes , Navy version: Criminal Investigation, where players must interrogate suspects social, visiting the crime scene and so on, to find those guilty of various crimes.

Also to be launched early 2012 CSI Miami where players must also solve crimes, based on the hit television series. As part of the team Horatio Caine (David Caruso) must solve cases using the latest technology to detect footprints, tracks and so on.

The social games have become not only a leisure place to hang out, but development centers the skills and intelligence and even places where businesses can develop a new market, as recently explained Randi Zuckerberg , the sister of founder of Facebook . These examples are a clear example of the tendency of social games, where reality is mixed with fiction and entertainment.


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