Monday, November 21, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Ace, Special Edition Hugo Boss

It is common practice for the big brands: launching a mobile phone to a selected audience, in this case, the juvenile or the most amateur to fashion and style firms . In fact, it is maintaining or dressing a little sheet of the terminal and change the housing to add new colors and generally give a much more tailored to what would have made ​​a mark completely away from the mobile phone world . Well, we say all this because the Korean company Samsung has opted to offer a new version of one of its most popular handsets , the Samsung Galaxy Ace . This is a special edition endorsed by Hugo Boss , a fashion house which as you know has its origin in Germany . Having provided the Samsung Galaxy S launched in collaboration with Giorgio Armani , Samsung has decided to go for a more basic end device.

As you saw in the pictures, the Galaxy Ace Samsung Hugo Boss , plays exactly what we imagine would the fans of this brand, more dedicated to fashion and clothes. It incorporates a housing with matte black finish and unique design, signed by Hugo Boss . It looks very serious and distinguished, but no doubt that the rounded edges and compact and ergonomic design make it a mobile phone specially designed for a more youthful audience. In this case, as we said earlier, the company Samsung has decided to provide some improvement to the Galaxy Ace Samsung Hugo Boss , but usually we have a pretty accurate sheet to the original Ace Samsung Galaxy .

In this sense, we must speak of a 3.5-inch display with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels . These are characteristics that remain, like mononuclear internal processor, running at a speed of 800 MHz . It has a camera with five megapixel sensor and autofocus, useful for taking snapshots of a certain quality, and we would ask all terminal to a good well equipped in connectivity . We refer to the conexón 3G and Wi-Fi , as well as Bluetooth and a slot microSD to insert memory card and take advantage of all the benefits they can offer this terminal.


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