Monday, November 21, 2011

How the tablets affect the way of watching TV?

The TV makes time has ceased to be a means to focus the attention of the viewer. That's especially true since the advent of devices such as laptops , the tablets and smartphones to the classroom. It is very common that the user is surfing the Internet with your device connected as check out the TV show.

No less than three-quarters of Internet users are surfing and watching TV , according to a study conducted last year in the U.S. by Yahoo and Nielsen . This behavior multitasking does nothing but grow, and most people practice it daily, but is more common among women than among men. In those instances, concurrent use, what means receiving more attention? Internet, watching television.

Now, Yahoo has just presented the results of another study on the U.S. market that sheds light on the consumption of television content in multitasking. The findings suggest that the scope of the simultaneous use of the Internet by viewers depends on two variables : the type of device connected and the type of program on television. If the viewer has a tablet , is more likely if it is a multitasking smartphone or laptop.

This is irrespective of television genre . Now it seems that certain content of television involve higher levels of multitasking, such as reports, cooking and sports . About 56 percent of tablet users are browsing the Internet while watching the news, 49 percent when a cooking show, and 47 percent for sports. This latest study is entitled "The Evolution of TV Multitasking" and has been developed by Yahoo and Razorfish .


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