Monday, November 21, 2011

Socle, Microsoft's secret project

Microsoft is experimenting with a closed beta Socla, a service that searches with mixed characteristics of a social network. this tool users can tag results that are interested, while their contacts may interact with the searches you perform.

In July this year appeared for the first time on Socla, but then known as Tulalip . But now the company has allowed several people to try the tool.

Thus, in The Verge have had the opportunity to try Socla and have posted an entry with information about the service and their impressions.

As they explain, the design is very similar to Facebook, with a navigation bar on the left, a social feed in the center of the screen and the right side reserved for the invitations and the option to share video.

The social content of the feed is provided by each user to perform searches (logically, the browser you used is Bing ), which can interact with contacts.

For its part, the video-sharing allows you to view videos (the page is built on HTML5) contacts while maintaining a conversation with them. In addition, you can add tags to your search, so you can return at any time saved items.

For now do not know if Microsoft plans to open Socla the public or remain as an internal project of Microsoft Research.


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