Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kodak is selling its photo sharing service on the Internet, the newspaper 'WSJ'

The company's products and services related to photography Eastman Kodak is trying to sell for "thousands of millions of dollars" service for sharing photos online, Kodak Gallery, as published by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper, quoting sources close to the company, says the firm based in Rochester (New York) has been in contact with other web photo sharing, competition, private investment firms and retailers to sell this business, which allows users to store images and print them as calendars, postcards and albums.

Kodak Gallery has been losing customers in recent years, which is driving away potential buyers, according to the daily details, adding that the attempt to sell the unit is part of the costly strategy of becoming a company focused on selling printers.

The company would be going through serious financial difficulties the company is experiencing serious financial difficulties and on 3 November found that lost $ 647 million in the first nine months of the year, seven times more than the same period of 2010 due to the drop in sales of digital cameras and traditional film.

A month ago, the company's shares on the stock market plummeted to the point of having to be interrupted his quote after it is speculated that he would file for bankruptcy, and since then has accelerated the process of selling technology patents to scan images in an attempt to raise capital.

Two hours after the start of the session in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Eastman Kodak shares fell 3.36% to be exchanged for $ 1.15, while that from the beginning of the year have fallen a 78.36%.


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