Monday, November 21, 2011

The parodies of the PP and PSOE won the rallies on Youtube

The comic skits and assemblies have been gender more weight on Youtube during this election campaign , with a total 42.3% of messages compared to 4.4% of the meetings and official statements of the parties.

These are some of the data it collects to a study by the Center for Media, Reputation and Intangibles at the University of Navarra from the monitoring of 330 videos from the past Day 3 candidates referred to the PSOE and the PP .

The report highlights how comic skits and montages have been the most widely accepted genre on YouTube during the campaign, followed by ads created by the parties (25.9%), television news (14%), related parts the debate between Rubalcaba and Rajoy (13%) and videos and candidate statements (4.4%).

According to the study, which reported on Saturday at the University of Navarra in a statement, the political videos have surpassed the million and a half of visits and of those, 30.2% have been generated by official videos PSOE and PP , while 70% of the political impact on YouTube comes from sources other than the parties themselves.

Candidates on YouTube

For the two candidates, the analysis of videos of the official channels of the PP and the PSOE and other productions with more than 500 visits, says that ads on Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba excel in acceptance, with 57% to those of Mariano Rajoy (50.4%).

And the most successful creation, as this study has been the music video do not believe you Alfredo , which accounts for 20% of all content considered, whereas various versions of "add more hits than all the official announcements of the PP and PSOE together. "

The report data on the use of Youtube as electoral tool , a preview of work being developed by Universidd of Navarre, reveal that the major parties have used elements of traditional political communication to publicize their proposals and have been applied directly to new medium regardless of its nature or explore alternatives adapted to the network.

Finally, the analysis of user behavior on Youtube says that they are not interested in videos of "talking heads", as the announcements of meetings have been 650 visits on average per 8700 on average have had videos of parodies policies.


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