Saturday, November 19, 2011

Individual glasses 3D display in November

The explosion of 3D cinema has made ​​us look normal to go to the movies , get your glasses and see the film three-dimensional. Sony has now announced the launch of glasses that are actually individual viewer in three dimensions and that will be the sale next November.
They are called Head Mounted Display Personal 3D Viewer (3D visualization personal device for the head) and is basically of two screens in giant sunglasses covering his eyes and ears to provide a completely different visual experience. No need to put on 3D glasses and watch the screen, but that is all integrated within the same device.

As explained by the vice president of Sony, Shigeru Kato, "the hardest part for us was to make it as small as possible while maintaining high definition." However, for many, this size reduction is not enough. This is the case of some specialists who have been able to try this gadget , as Kate Seamer, who explained to Gizmag after use that "had a high quality video, but the glasses were too heavy."

Likewise, the design did not quite convince others. As noted by Tim Hanlon of Gizmag, "under the glasses could see what was before me, which tore the immersion [in the 3D experience ]. "

Connecting to other devices

The system has a processing unit that can connect to different types of devices based on what you want to view. Thanks to its screens (one for each eye) and audio display system is completely individual and completely different from what created so far. " People can enjoy watching your favorite movie or playing a game without disturbing other family members ", said Kato.
This three-dimensional display staff will go on sale in Japan on Nov. 11. But only the pockets can buy more buoyant; its launch price will be about $ 800 (60,000 yen Nippon).


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