Saturday, November 19, 2011

The end of the heating of the computers

Right now one of the great problems of computers, both laptops and desktop, is the warming that occurs when you use many hours. A European research project is developing a system based on nanoconmutadores that could end the uncomfortable and dangerous warming of computers.
The study of structures known as magnetic tunnel has allowed, for example, create ultrasensitive magnetic sensor for reading data stored on hard drives or to create magnetic storage cells in magnetic memory chips nonvolatile (those that do not require electricity continues to store the information). Now, thanks to the development of these complex structures can be used to "control thermoelectric voltages and currents in electronic circuits" explained from the Information Service R & D Community.

These magnetic tunnel structures consist of two magnetic layers separated by a thin insulating layer . Simply controlling the magnetization of the two layers can be controlled also the flow of electrical current through the structure, and not only that. The team of researchers has succeeded in demonstrating that also modifies the heat flux, the amount of heat flowing through the structure, which means that in the future be able to control and prevent overheating that we are accustomed.


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