Saturday, November 19, 2011

Apple and Amazon want to put 'airbags' in your mobile

Amazon wants to protect their phones with a similar system to the airbag of the car was already known. Now it has emerged that Apple seeks to obtain a patent similar to yours. And both companies have reason to do so. A customer of Apple filed a lawsuit in January, accusing the company of cheating on the strength of the iPhone 4. For its part, Amazon is preparing to launch its first low-cost phone, according to unconfirmed reports by the company.

For Apple , the protection system would be installed between the screen and body of the phone and when the accelerometer detects the fall shoot the dampers of the system.

The idea is similar to that already provided by Amazon which also includes a method to shift the position of the device during the fall to offer it more resistant components. The same gas injectors serve to inflate the cushions to change the orientation of the phone during the fall.

This concern for the safety of mobile phones has grown as thin models are proposed which have the advantage of being lighter and more manageable but at the same time, are more fragile.

Amazon's interest in this system would not be solely focused on e-readers. Various media reports, thanks to leaks from Asian suppliers, which Amazon is preparing to launch next year of a low-cost mobile phone. Would be equipped with a microprocessor from Texas Instruments and Amazon lead the version of the Android operating system. The sale price would be between 150 and $ 170, presumably below their manufacturing cost because the Amazon business model would not be selling the equipment if not to offer a new platform for marketing their content.


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