Sunday, November 27, 2011

SmartWatch 'clocks'

SmartWatch 'clocks' that connect to the Internet and synchronize data with mobile phoneThe clocks do not seem to want to stay behind. The time can be accessed through devices such as mobile phone to us every day. Therefore, the clock is reluctant to become obsolete technology and increasingly more devices are very similar, apart from giving the time, connect to the Internet and even synchronize with mobile devices.

The number of different devices to be connected to Internet in the near future will increase, a trend called the "Internet of things" and thanks to the implementation of IPv6 protocol , which will multiply exponentially the number of available IP addresses. Anything capable of being connected, it will be. Here come several models of watches that are already beginning to be known as 'SmartWatch' ( intelligent watches ), as explained from Consumer .

There are watches with an Internet connection that allows phone calls, video conferencing and email access, while continuing to social networks.

One of the most used Apple equipment, the media player iPod Nano , and came forward to this new way of incorporating technology into our day to day. Thanks to its size, can be used as a wrist watch by purchasing a belt supported on the Apple store. However, its use is limited to the applications installed on the device, since it does not have Internet access.


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