Saturday, November 19, 2011

They discover a mysterious lines in the Gobi desert thanks to Google Earth

Strange shapes discovered in the Gobi Desert in China through Google Earth have sparked the imagination of Internet users who may see from military facilities to any signs of alien culture. The American media echoed the strange images that you can see clear targets grooves forming an irregular grid or a sharp discontinuity in the form of concentric circles in the middle of nowhere you.

t all started, as indicated by the newspaper Huffington Post , where earlier this week a surfer got a comment on Reddit technology page with a link to the first photo. "There seems to be a military experiment / scientific monumental in a desert of China, visible through Google Earth. Can someone explain what exactly is going on there? " asked the surfer, who in no time received more than a hundred responses. But the photo did not stop there and in addition to the publicity has been given in the media, Internet users have striven to find other structures "suspicious" in Chinese territory using the Google tool. The conspiracy theories have begun to circulate. The U.S. company has not acted. Allen Thomson, a exanalista of the CIA, told Wired that since 2004, "someone" has been interested in the Google Earth satellite take hundreds of pictures of that part of the desert. "Someone ordered many, many satellite photos of that "something" could not have been cheap, "he quipped. The place where the marks have been detected, which were calculated as measure approximately 1 km wide by 1.85 miles long , is in Gansu Province, northwest China, a region that includes part of the Gobi Desert. "military experiments remains of a culture alien came to Earth? No one is really sure, 'says the media, while technology websites like Gizmodo and Wired invite your users to look at the pictures to contribute their comments and to clarify to all of what it is. The scientist Jonathon Hill, a research technician at the Mars Space Flight Facility at the University of Arizona , which has operated with different chambers of the missions that NASA sent to Mars, has found a simpler explanation. As indicated by the television channel MSNBC is "almost certain" that China will use these grids giants to calibrate their spy satellites. The spy cameras focus on the grid and serve them for orientation in space, and create another one of the areas there seems to technological equipment, in fact, may be a military zone or evidence "which would explain the large number of computers and technology in a remote area." To which he added: "Sometimes the truth can be as interesting if not more, than the plots with people leaving. "


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