Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The SIM card world's smallest

The trend in technology has always been to reduce the size of the devices to make them more comfortable and versatile to users. Now the multinational Giesecke Devrient has created the so-called nano-SIM reduces up to 30 percent the size of the smallest in the market, the micro-SIM.
The Cartes & Identification 2011 exhibition being held in Paris until 17 has been the site chosen by the company to launch this new card. SIM is a 30 percent smaller than the micro-SIM and almost 60 percent smaller than normal SIM, which will mean a reduction of space for them inside portable devices .
In any case, 12x9 mm which occupies the mini card is compatible with current models using a simple adapter. As explained from the company, "is expected to standardization of nano-SIM is carried out through the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) later this year.
According to estimates by the company, the first devices to use this new type of card hit the market in early 2012.


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