Saturday, November 19, 2011

Amazon will launch a 'smartphone' low cost in 2012

After becoming a reference in the e-book e-reader Kindle , get on the cloud with Cloud Drive and try not to lose the car of the tablets with Fire Kindle , Amazon could take a further step to expand its business to other sectors . According to a group of analysts , the company is preparing a smartphone low cost with which successful stand against devices like the iPhone.

The so-called Phone Kindle would be produced by the assembler for the iPhone, the company Foxconn, which is where it would have leaked the information. The device would be ready to see the light at the end of 2012 and its main advantage would be its low cost. The sources say the price would be less than $ 200 and that Amazon would try to make a profit from its wide range of services and content.

Among the few details have emerged on Amazon Mobile is said to work with Android operating system and include a Qualcomm chip with support for CDMA / HSPA +.

Phone Kindle would have many similarities to Kindle Fire. For example, the processor used is the same as that used in the Amazon tablet, the OMAP 4 from Texas Instruments. It is anticipated that the approach will also be very similar device, offering an approach similar to Kindle Fire in terms of interface and applications.


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