Friday, November 25, 2011

The TouchPad record-breaking sales in the U.S.

HP is the second largest manufacturer of tablets in the U.S.. After the inevitable iPad, HP has made the TouchPad, which sells at bargain prices after reducing it to $ 99, is positioned as the second best selling pill in that market. It has a 17% share, compared to 16% of Samsung or 10% of Asus. This represents sales of 240,000 units placed in front of the Samsung 192 000 between January and October this year. These figures, however, very far to the iPad, which has sold nearly four million.

The TouchPad was filed in February . The design of the touchpad is a button, much like the iPad. It weighs 725 grams and a 9.7-inch screen. The highlight is the flow to pass easily in application implementation, even among the most resource intensive like games in three dimensions. His problem, like the rest of tablets, is that it arrived after the iPad, the same price. Once you have decided to cease manufacturing, HP's price cuts.

HP has abandoned the webOS operating system, but plans to be present in the tablet market professionals. This month should launch the Slate 2, with the Windows operating system and an Intel processor. The touch screen is 8.9 inches, with virtual keyboard and stylus. Equipped with dual camera, the front for video conferencing, the back is three megapixels. An SD slot allows expanding the storage capacity. It offers a range of about six hours. Connectivity is based on bluetooth and wifi but there is the option of a 3G modem. Security is one of its most care with an encryption of stored data and the possibility of remote erase them in case of loss or theft. The starting price is $ 699


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