Monday, November 21, 2011

3 Uncharted: Drake's deception, better than a movie - Review

What terrible secret is hidden in the desert of Rub 'al-Khali ? Why did Sir Francis Drake and Lawrence of Arabia faced a perilous journey without seeming to find what you were looking for? 3 Uncharted: Drake's deception , the third installment of the saga exclusively for the PlayStation 3, will provide all the explanations after having you involved in an adventure breathless , furious fights between, hellish shooting, climbing and acrobatic puzzles spremimeningi. In the end, and with good reason, you will feel cooler than Indiana Jones.

Sound and graphics are now extremely fluid animations discounted when the work is done by developers at Naughty Dog, people who know how to squeeze the best from the PS3 and that it did with the first two sparks Uncharted . The beauty is that all this technical excellence is accompanied by a beautiful work of art , capable of creating environments of extraordinary impact, and to imagine the action sequences that make dwarf the Hollywood action man - the game is clearly inspired by the blockbuster made ​​in the USA.

The player with the ball for the shooter will turn up their noses at artificial intelligence and a disappointing response of the best weapons. But although the shootings are one of the dominant, Uncharted 3 does not end here and not even one of those games that manages to be more than the sum of its parts , so that one is hardly insensitive to its charm and most likely will be the hours small in order to know how the story ends. Without forgetting the multiplayer , expanded building on what we saw in the second chapter of the saga.

Moral of the story: Uncharted 3 is a title to scream that PlayStation 3 owners can frame.


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