Friday, November 25, 2011

South Korea bans video games to minors at night

South Korea wants to prevent teens under 16 years to spend the night playing. To do so, arguing that aims to combat gaming addiction, has published a law by which children can not play from midnight to six in the morning . The legislation is controversial and difficult to implement.

Sony has already announced that to comply with this law, known as Cinderella law, concrete block access to Playstation Network games. What can not prevent is to continue playing without internet connection. Sony has stressed the cost of adapting their servers to the new law. Microsoft it is more difficult, practically impossible, because the console does not record the age of their players. The rule does not apply to mobile gaming and is accessed through social networks.

According to local statistics, 8% of the population, between nine and 39 years, symptoms of Internet addiction. A group of parents and has used the law, saying it is your responsibility to decide when their children play and watch is not to be borne by the Government. Considered as discriminatory to other activities like watching television.

A lawyer criticizes CNN as saying that an alcoholic who drinks is three bottles a day, but we can not call a person an alcoholic because they drink after midnight. "The same happens with games," said Lee Byung-Chan.

Act law, promoted by the Ministry of Equality and Family, is receiving a barrage of criticism from blogs Koreans consider it a waste of money, useless and stupid. The majority believes that it is impossible to achieve the goals it sets. Many teenagers are recorded, for example, with the names of their parents to skip the age limit.


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