Monday, November 21, 2011

40,000 applications for Windows Phone

The application store for mobile operating system Microsoft , the Windows Phone Marketplace , has exceeded 40,000 apps available . It is still far from the App Store and Android Market , but it shows a fairly rapid growth and now has almost 11,000 different developers.

In early July the Microsoft App Store had more than 25,000 applications, but the growing interest from developers for the platform and the launch of the first Windows Phone Nokia have made ​​this figure is reached.

Today is up about 165 new applications every day. Most of them (15%) are games and, for the moment, predominantly free (68%).

These data have been obtained by All About Windows Phone, which also explains that in the last 90 days were added 10,882 applications, 4,770 of them in the last 30. To continue this pace, it will reach the 50,000 in the second week of 2012.

However, one must keep in mind that this number is the total. In some countries you can access all applications. For example, in Spain only available just under 30,500, while in the United States are reached almost 34,000.

In addition, other measurement tools such as Windows Phone App List display numbers somewhat lower. According to this page , at the time of this writing, there were 36,169 applications available. This data was current as of 13 November, but growth had slowed in recent weeks.


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