Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Waterproof Headphones

Many people need hearing aids to hear, limiting certain activities such as swimming or some DIY activities. So Phonak has launched a new range of these devices are water resistant and dust which will improve and standardize the lives of those who suffer hearing problems.
In certain places and situations, hearing aids can be damaged or even stop working. The beach, pool or certain environments where dust is larger than usual are some of them, which can be very problematic for those who must use special equipment to hear. 

A few new people to have avoided to think about whether to go or not go somewhere depending on whether the hearing aid get wet or dusty or not. The new Phonak M H2O have a new case that allows the entry of sound and does not compromise the device dry. As explained from the brand, "t ode internal construction of the device is designed to maintain water ", explaining that is guaranteed through the IP67 standard that" ensures that neither eight hours of exposure to dust and water immersion up to meters for thirty minutes can cause damage. "


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