Saturday, November 19, 2011

Charge your phone walking

Have you run out of battery in the phone and need to make an emergency call? At the University of Wisconsin have developed a system to recharge mobile devices, installed in the shoe, load devices with the energy we generate when walking.

We increasingly portable electronics: mp3 , mobile phones, tablets, radios, cameras, video cameras and so on. and increasingly more likely to have any of them run out of battery. The solutions from detailed planning of the batteries by users to the latest research to ensure that our devices are not left without a load.

In this regard, it has just released a group of researchers at the University of Wisconsin led by Ashley Taylor and Tom Krupenkin, an innovative system installed in the shoes could load electronic devices each step.

The device is installed in the shoe and is activated when walking. The system is based on nanotechnology , specifically through a micro-fluid device. Thanks to the thousands of small droplets that exist within the nanostructure, mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy usable by the devices. And it explains Krupenkin himself, "a person can generate up to one kilowatt of power for a short run."

A long way to go
However, despite the importance of the invention there is still a long way to go. So far the unit has managed to create 20 watts of electricity generating usable in electronics , energy currently wasted as heat.

Also, according to its creators have stated, "the energy could be integrated into a WiFi hotspot , acting as a "bridge" between the mobile device and wireless network. " Thus the energy generated could be used to reduce power consumption when the device is connected to the Internet. As indicated Krupenkin, thanks to this system "the phone's battery would stretch ten times cut radically the same energy requirements through this system."
Its creators have created NanoPower InStep company to, in the not too distant future, this alternative market naturally and that any charge your phone with your own movement.


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