Friday, November 25, 2011

Cyborg insects venture into the unknown

A team from the University of Michigan proposes to use insect Cyborg to access dangerous or inaccessible places before people do, for example in rescue operations. Scientists have developed a system to harness the energy produced by the insects from body heat or movement of their wings. This kinetic energy can be converted into electricity stored in a battery carried by the insect.

How would use this power? "Energy can be used to power cameras and microphones that lead insects into a backpack" explained Khalil Najafi, head of research, Science Daily, "then we would send these bugs modified to dangerous places where we do not want to be the people first. " One of the most useful applications could be the detection of explosives.

The work has been published in Journal of Micromechanics and MicroEngineering , which describes various methods to obtain energy of motion of the wings and present data measured on beetles . The University of Michigan has applied for a patent and is seeking sponsors to bring this new technology to market.


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