Sunday, November 27, 2011

Microsoft is working on a PC Kinect

Logical, reasonable, and in some ways inevitable. The Kinect has been one of the most successful products of Microsoft in the last twelve months. His popularity did not come from the games with support for the device, but thanks to the huge number of projects involving laboratories, universities, and countless fans. Now, with Windows 8 on the horizon, and a streamlined interface for gestures, the fact that Microsoft has confirmed and he development of an "official" version of Kinect for PC, not as surprising as it should.

At the time it was a real novel. Just came open drivers for Kinect , Microsoft came to the crossroads, "remembering" the general public that support was only available on Xbox 360 . Rumors Warranty losses, charges of "hacking" of Kinecta, exchanging ammunition, missile flew ... and the end users to dictate the rules. At Kinect fare much better outside of the console in their environment. Enthusiasts and professionals alike continue to find ways to reuse the device, and even a year after its release, we have the feeling that the best is yet to come. It is a known technology, the developers have shown their limits, and taken to the extreme as far as possible.

Meanwhile, Redmond had no choice but to recognize the hard work people have done so far to the Kinecta, and during the week officially announced the development of a special version of Kinect for Windows based computers. According to the statements, some aspects have been optimized hardware and firmware modifications implemented to improve the response of the Kinect on your computer. At the same time, the official SDK is receiving updates that meet (in theory) with applications that developers have done. The new firmware will allow the Kinect detect objects located a short distance (50 cm) without loss of accuracy, in regard to the external appearance of Kinecta, will have a shorter USB cable to "improve performance" and include a "dongle" to avoid incompatibilities with other USB devices.

With Windows 8 just around the corner, we can not stop thinking about a possible compatibility between the PC Kinect interface and Metro. A strong interaction between the two could make the Kinect in a very attractive for connecting peripherals to the computer in the near future. Currently there seems to have a fixed date of release, but with the start of commercial software for Kinect in early 2012, this makes us think that her debut would not be so far. Another possibility is that the Kinect comes to televisions , an area that Redmond has begun to explore slowly.


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