Monday, November 21, 2011

They claim that the iPhone does not recognize 4S spoken English with Latin accent

The voice assistant Siri, the killer application of the new Apple iPhone 4S , has generated criticism from the Hispanic community in the U.S. due to its malfunction when to recognize foreign pronunciations of English. The complaint was issued by the Network through a video in which Andrew and Sandra, a couple composed of an American and a Mexican living in New York, shows the inability of Siri to understand instructions in English provided by Sandra . However, when Andrew asks the mobile device play a song or tell you about the time in Madrid, the iPhone application, it works perfectly.

"It can be frustrating because it forces me to pronounce Siri my questions again and again, and sometimes not even understand me. But my husband always understands, "complains Sandra. For now, Siri is designed to understand English, French and German, and Apple has reported that by 2012 expects to add additional languages ​​as "Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Italian." Siri is a voice control assistant able to answer simple questions to know what time it is, the outside temperature or give the address of specific places, and answer text messages through voice recognition. From Apple, reports that "the more you use Siri, the better" because it uses algorithms to classify the voice. "If you are exposed to greater variations of a language, global recognition of these dialects and accents continue to improve and work even better," the company says on its website.


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