Sunday, November 27, 2011

Youtube features a tool to edit videos on the web

Youtube has launched a tool to edit videos online , which will modify the audiovisual pieces without using a specific program or to upload them to the network.

Thus, the videos are online and may be modified without losing their ID (user identification), the comments users have left no links to related content, reports the Google-owned site in its official blog .

This new tool allows editing to shorten the length of the videos, rotate , reduce vibration of the image, adjust brightness , the contrast and saturation , and applying filters and effects of color and black and white.

Before saving the changes, the user can preview and finally deciding whether to modify the video, an action that has no impact on the number of visitors who have already had before being released.

The only videos that can not be modified are those who have displayed a thousand times and those with a claim of vindication of content, although in these cases can be edited to create a new file.


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