Sunday, November 27, 2011

A programmer calls to his girlfriend via Google Maps

A warm meal, a romantic stroll, an unexpected journey ... Many plans can be used to propose marriage. But an engineer at Google has decided to dispense platitudes and testing services, Google Maps , calling to his girlfriend on the phone in hand.

A developer of Google , Ari Gilder , decided to use his skills as a programmer to create a game in which his girlfriend, Faigy, was the protagonist. He created a special map with a target named The big question.

On his way to New York, Faigy must visit places around the city that evoke romantic moments experienced by the couple. Gilder coordinated with a coworker Faigy a plan by which he must give the girl a Nexus One integrated camera and a special version of Google Maps.

The phone had a custom application that he developed along with two of his companions in Google. The application allowed Faigy check in every place, asking for a password in order to find the next location. The six friends must ask a question Faigy, linked to memories of that particular place. Each answer served and door password the next challenge.

"My plan was to build a map of the route and take my girlfriend from one destination to another, all with the element of surprise , "says Gilder. "Google Maps gave me the tools I needed to run the magic."

The engineer planned the route from a food store Trader Joe's chain to the Magnolia Bakery, where he had his first date of the couple. The map also led to a Hudson Restaurant and Carnegie Hall concert hall, where his girlfriend surprised him with tickets for a concert of Beethoven. Seven stops in total up to a lighthouse on Roosevelt Island, where they were on their second date.

Every time Faigy reached one of these destinations, a friend of her boyfriend was waiting. The duty of each one of them was to give a rose to the girl and made ​​sure that check-in at the stop. "Meanwhile, I was eagerly awaiting its arrival on the island," said the romantic geek.

When he reached the end of the tour, the seventh and last place also kept a question which could only make her boyfriend. "I'll let you guess what the answer was," said the lover to leave a glimpse of the "I do" in a Google blog , addressing the readers of this romantic story. Or is that perhaps someone could have resisted?


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