Monday, November 21, 2011

What is your 'last will online'?

This new platform offers several tools for each user to manage his personal testimony about his life and in turn have the opportunity to record everything so you want to be remembered .

According Epilogue will be the user himself to administer this tool allowing you to add custom or general messages, photographs, videos, recordings and music, among others, so secret and private. In that sense, through an account name and password, the user can edit any content you want at any time.

As for security, this website guarantees confidentiality and inviolability of the information recorded , then, at the right time, this content will be sent privately to those that the user wants, as the personal digital footprint is managed as administrator has provided.

Tribute to loved ones
Another of the highlights of this website are the spaces to honor loved ones. This is a place to share grief at the loss of someone close, to receive condolences, expressions of affection of related persons, leave memories or anecdotes generated in life. Also, the user may also authorize other users registered to participate in the tribute .

As a third feature available on this website is the very moving tribute dedicated to someone admired, although this is not the intimate setting of the user and even if you do not know, because, lets tributes to deceased persons in social conflicts, wars, and so on.

At the time of participating in one of these tributes, users can also attach other plays, films and speeches which identifies him with the other person.

Finally, the founder of Epilogue , Pili Pasquini, has concluded that this site may "run your own goodbye, that of someone you loved or admired , or a person or group with whom / which you feel solidarity "therefore, will be offered a deal between the fired compact and memories of one's own network


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