Monday, November 21, 2011

Google + incorporates its own 'Trending Topics' and improved search

Google continues to expand the social network features to enhance user experience. The last two are new features included its own version of the so-called Trending Topics on Twitter and improved search with advanced search.

Since the arrival of Google in the world of social networks : Google , the company has sought and continues to seek, to find a place among his more direct competition. Facebook and Twitter are now two of the most popular social networks among users . Therefore, the Google team is gathering + the main features of its competitors to get the most complete service offering to users.

In terms of similarities to Twitter, Google + included last October, the real-time search and its own version of so-called hashtags . With the latter, users of Google + began to use the familiar '#' in front of the subjects in order to group them. Thus, users can make it easier to track a unifying theme and information related to each other.

That same month, the company has added a social network the 'Google + Pages' that allow companies to have their reserved space in that service.

Google + has included so-called 'Trends' . To search for any topic in the Google search bar +, users can see right column where are the ten most talked about topics among users of Google + at that time. However, unlike the case in Twitter these 'trends', for the moment, can not be filtered by country, just the top ten issues are discussed worldwide.

Advanced search

Another feature that included Google + last October was the advanced search. Users can access the latest published results on your search terms. The system displays the search results for the terms entered, and alerts when we publish new content related to your search.

Now, Google + has improved these searches. Users can filter the search results page, and by type of person, for publications in Google +, interests, or marked by circles searching for the results of all users of Google +. Once filtered search, users can sort by relevance or chronologically.

These developments continue to increase the chances of Google +. Google's social network and makes your entire system that has elements of Facebook and Twitter , while maintaining its essence through its system of organization by circles.


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