Thursday, December 15, 2011

4 TB hard drives from Hitachi

You are now entering the market of technology, the new 4 TB hard drives that Hitachi was able to introduce themselves, in this case we are not talking about a model of innovative albums, not to be smaller, but a great album capacity compared to others, but that does not mean it is faster, but we know it will help.

Speaking of the new Hitachi disk, we refer to the model HDS5C4040ALE630 3.5-inch format, with an interface with 6 Gbps SATA3 and includes four plates, are 5900 rpm rotational speed, an article that is in the appropriate parameters, more than 5,400 but less than 7,200, it is not in the extreme altitude.

By having a device of this magnitude, we know that we will not have more restrictions if storage is at the moment is the first and only of its kind and is available on the market only Nippon, so its price is $ 350 - a high price - but we believe that during the months the other companies Samsung, Seagate, Western Digital among others devoted to the item also will be giving us to know about innovation in terms of hard drive models and prices recesses.

I think this disk model is primarily intended for large companies, who handle large amounts of data with what you will take advantage of a hard drive of this magnitude, as an ordinary person does not believe that manages to pack as much data as if you want half of its capacity, of course there are exceptions.

We know there are thousands of users who are interested in this disc, despite not knowing or absence of a notice of when you reach the outside world, but we believe that in early 2012 and we will.

A car is powered by coffee and reaches a high speed record

Year and a half ago we learned the coffee car, one of those cars rarely created by a group of Britons who made ​​some alterations to a car and could be moving, jogging, taking as fuel bags of coffee beans. The creation of this vehicle was the brainchild of Martin and his friends Beacon Teesdale Conservation Volunteers of Durham, England.

Thanks to this invention, achieved the Guinness record for speed in the speed category for vehicles that run through gasification of organic wastes.

This car achieved an average speed exceeding 107 km / h, and pulverizing the previous record of 75 km / h which belongs to the U.S. Energy Beaver that was powered by wood pellets.

With this creation, the British group wanted to demonstrate that renewable energy is very useful for driving vehicles. If they see that the car does not look like this, is because they changed the Volkswagen Scirocco for a Rover SD1. Before it was more like a DeLorean, the car who presented their pipes and containers carried inside.

Guitar with touch screen on Gentoo Linux

Michael Digital Mass invented a guitar that is the peculiar characteristic lack of ropes!, instead the guitar includes a multi-touch screen and buttons, I recommend watching the following video demonstration.

This guitar uses an AMD Geode processor and works thanks to a minimalist version of Gentoo with Kernel 2.6.31 Linux, also supports MIDI and Ethernet ports for communications.

Must be cool to play a guitar like this, right?. =)

The Big Dog Robot Evolution

Insurance remind Big Dog , otherwise I invite you first to see this video demonstration . Big Dog is a quadruped robot developed by Boston Dynamics company that is literally full of sensors in combination with artificial intelligence allow you to move on any terrain. This robot can carry a load of 150 kilos and has become popular on the Internet unconscious for several years because of its ugly appearance.

Well, if you wondered what had become of Big Dog in recent years, below is a video about the adventures of this particular robot.

I wonder why you do not have added a head after taking so long in development, help to make it look more normal. Furthermore it can be seen in the video the Big Dog is already good making the rounds with the U.S. Army. We will continue pending the final version of the robot, while insurance will remain part of your worst nightmares and more intimate.

3D movies in the air

Burton The company has created a device that looks more like science fiction than reality. This is a system for projecting images on the air without a physical screen, just exciting oxygen and nitrogen from air.
About a year ago we reported that the University of Arizona had developed the first device that allowed holographic record a scene and display it elsewhere in near real time , or whatever it is, a machine that could dimensional telepresence. Now it seems that business is getting closer to achieving a real device reproducing 3D video without the need for physical support.

3D Aerial, as they have called in Burton, is still under development, but as they say from Popular Science , have managed to create 50,000 points of light per second and a speed of between 10 and 15 frames per second. The conventional video broadcast between 24 and 30 frames per second according to the reproductive system, so that now Aerial 3 D work like the old videos that appeared slightly slowed.

As explained from the brand itself, the system is based on the plasma emission at a specific point. " controlling the position with the axis "x" "y" and "z" is getting real 3D image composed of dots in the air . "

The 'aracnocóptero' conquering the sky

After two years of work, researchers at the University of Salamanca and the company have developed Arborea 'aracnocóptero', a spider-shaped device that enables pilotless flight and is equipped with cameras and sensors for different data. The platform consists of the aircraft, a block-based communications and control consists of a very rugged tablet computer and type a command such as video games. The operation is very simple and can be used to monitor military operations or conduct digital mapping , for example. In the market there are many similar systems, called UAV (stands for  unmanned aerial vehicle ), but the 'aracnocóptero' has more features advanced, allowing a vertical takeoff and carry loads of up to 3 kg, can be dismantled and transported in small bags.

It also allows an outstanding flight stability compared with other devices of this type, which vibrate too much to take precise images. The batteries, today, they hold about 40 minutes. The 'aracnocóptero', made ​​of titanium and carbon , is very resistant, has a camera that shoots his own flight and multiple sensors: pressure to control their height, a sonar to facilitate automatic takeoffs and landings, gyroscopes, magnetometers and accelerometers to gain stability. And with GPS are given automatic flight patterns for execution and the information is displayed on the user interface. In addition, the communications protocols used to manage aracnocóptero are digital , with a theoretical range of 100 kilometers under optimal conditions.

"With digital radio waves, we have all the information in real time on the tablet, where we see the video and the position of the device on a map," says Carlos Bernabeu, founder of Arborea, a company located in the University Science Park of Salamanca. The researchers working in artificial intelligence system in order to mimic the communication model of social species such as birds or swarms of bees to establish intelligent flight patterns with groups of these devices.

For example, "if we radioactivity, and deploy multiple devices communicate with each other through this digital protocol, everyone knows where the others and act to cover areas without overlapping. If one detects radioactivity, others go for appropriate measures, "said Bernabeu. This multi-agent system mimics the gregarious animal models, since "the logic diagrams are the same."

Gowex exports its model France WiFi to an agreement with the city of Bordeaux (France)

Gowex has closed a contract with the city of Bordeaux to carry out there a WiFi City project, which is exporting its model of free WiFi France, announced Thursday the company.

In this way, Bordeaux, the seventh most populated city in France with 250,000 inhabitants and about one million across the region, will have free Internet access in the streets and various municipal public buildings through the agreement between the Gowex and the consistory .

Specifically, the new municipal WiFi network will allow visitors and citizens of Bordeaux can surf for free in the main tourist and municipal buildings located on the banks of the Garonne River and a score of public buildings in the city.

Thus, users need only have a wireless mobile terminal, municipal WiFi network to detect and register to start navigating.

The company pointed out that, like other cities in Gowex WiFi, users can connect for free for a period of time and, simultaneously, have the possibility of hiring Premium rates that allow speeds up to 6 Mbps

LG is committed to the design in smartphones and voice control on TVs

LG bet on the design in smartphones and improve the performance of other devices such as televisions, which will soon include voice control, as indicated by the director of marketing for LG Spain, Pablo Vidal.

Specifically, the design will have a capital importance in the new model as the company prepares to Prada to be released in 2012. However, due to its price, which is not available to all budgets, the company considers to be "to ensure a high volume of sales."

The role of this mobile is "image building" that the company is able to offer terminals for "high level". In this exclusive terminal will add a "wide range" of devices that help LG "position in the champions of smartphones," said the manager.

As is the market, the 'smartphone' will have to differentiate something to be "beyond" the hardware , ie something to be exclusive, as the world's first ground for not buying an iPhone is that there are "too", according to Vidal.

LTE and Android

The company is also thinking about other factors such as connection speed, so LG provides differentiated by the adoption of LTE in Spain, with as many terminals support this high-speed network of new generation. Also, continue betting on Android as an ecosystem especially as it is "where the consumer is going." In this line, has considered it a "mistake to bet on a closed ecosystem."

Another key point is the creation of content, and LG will continue to work in this field. According to Vidal, "which dominates the digital environment" in the field of consumer electronics, "dominate the market." In this regard, the manager has opined that "Spain has habits somewhat less advanced" than other markets, but at the same time, growth has a "fantastic" in e-commerce.

Thus, LG work to offer content in their products and improve the user experience. This will directly affect the smart TV 'set top boxes' which bring the connection and displays the applications that are not connected. Thus, the manager has revealed that LG is enhancing command and the interface of these devices and is adding new features such as voice control.

Over 100 million Europeans have never used Internet

Almost one third of the 500 million people living in the European Union has never used the Internet and there is a wide division between northern Europe, most experienced technology issues, and the south and east, poorer, according to agency Eurostat statistics.  Thus, more than half the population of Romania and just under half of those living in Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus and Portugal do not have Internet access at home.

Moreover, the figures underline the lack of opportunities for the population of the poorest communities to participate in developments like the Internet, which has provided products and services at lower cost to millions of people.  Another of the most surprising results of the survey was that Spain , a modern economy within Europe, has a relatively modest rate of Internet access and electronic commerce: only 64 percent of households are connected and only 39 percent of the population buys online, according to the figures.  The countries with the lowest usage rates also tend to be those with the least number of fixed broadband connections and those who make less use of electronic commerce.

Nokia raises the snake game

Many nostalgic recall the mythical snake game on phones from Nokia . Now the Finnish company "rises" to snake through the web version of the game, as Nokia has been designed to be as close as possible to the original.  Among the most addictive classic games and hours of entertainment has given users is certainly ' Snake ', a simple game that Nokia installed as standard on models like the 5110 or 3210. Having now the game seems like the easiest thing in the world, and that was and is precisely its charm.

On the screen was drawn square and appeared inside a bar moving across the screen according to the orders of users (with the buttons telephone) chasing a small point. When the bar reached the point shifted position and so on. As the game progressed, the snake increased his speed and size, making it was increasingly difficult to get new points.

'Snake' was a success and it evolved in Nokia successive models, but they tested the first version fondly remember the magic of a simple game. Currently, the title seems he had gone as he knew, but Nokia has decided to launch a Web version of the same for the nostalgic.  In Nokia Conversation blog, the company has written an entry that has published the game. This is a version intended to be as similar to the original. Users can use the arrow keys to steer the snake, which returns in frantic pursuit.

Intel will include mobile payment technology in its upcoming

The chipmaker Intel technology eventually will incorporate Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile payment for their upcoming chips.  As The Inquirer picks, Intel, which houses intention of entering the chip business smart phones, has signed a According to Inside Secure NFC technology to use in future products.  Aicha Evans, vice president and general manager of Intel's mobile wireless group, said that "NFC technology is gaining ground in many markets as one of the most convenient ways to use of electronic payments and transactions for retail, to access information as well as for other applications. "  Evans's words reveal the NFC technology boom in mobile devices, so it is not surprising interest in this technology as it has done Google service with Wallet .   Intel will launch a competitive chip for smartphones in 2012 to a high production of smart phones if you want to advance to suppliers like Qualcomm and Nvidia ARM.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play: The first Android smart phone

A few months that Sony will present his vision of PlayStation Phone now found on sale Xperia Play , "the first Android smartphone certified PlayStation.

In matters of design we are a team in the same style as Sony Ericsson has managed in line Xperia , with the clear difference in the screen include sliding a configuration similar to the control buttons Dual Shock . This design, along with the ability to play PlayStation titles true, is its main advantage over the competition that is Windows Phone 7 with its latest lineup of games for Xbox Live .

As for technical specifications we find a fairly robust computer, with all the features you expect from a good phone but certainly below other high-end phones, this is probably thinking of keeping a good quality / price ratio. Since the computer system operates on the Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) we can find a variety of available applications and games developed on this platform.

In terms of titles available at launch, we have a library quite varied, ranging from games like Assassin's Creed, Worms, Sims 3 for mobile versions and adaptations of classic PS1 as Crash Bandicoot and Syphon Filter on the promise by Sony adaptations of such titles as God of War and Call of Duty in the future.

In conclusion we can say that Xperia Play comes with a solid proposal to create a mobile game and although it is still early to put aside our beloved PSP and DS portable video game about respect is clear that Sony has taken a step in the direction correct.

Sony PlayStation Vita: The next generation portable

Probably some of the most anticipated news of E3 2011 revolve around the successor to the PSP known as NGP ( Next Generation Portable ) and here Sony does not disappoint delivering a great deal of information about the laptop is expected to arrive in the final market 2011 under the name of the official PlayStation Vita.

Although not revealed an exact release date, it's official that we can get our hands on this laptop by the end of this year, and perhaps most impressive is the final price for North America of $ 249 for the version with only Wi-Fi and $ 299 for Wi-Fi/3G version. While confirming that the 3G service provider in the U.S. is AT & T did not give more details on procurement costs and data plans.

Sony aims for greater interaction of this new laptop with the PS3 , since for example we can find some games on both consoles with the possibility of online matches between players of both platforms. Furthermore, with the chance to play PSP titles Vita acquired via PlayStation Store and PS3 game adaptation, given the similar graphics capabilities with the latter, we can expect an extensive library of titles. Here are some of the most interesting official specifications.

ARM Cortex-A9 core (4 cores)

SGX543MP4 +

Approx. 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5mm
Touch screen 5 inches (16:9), 960 x 544, Approx. 16 million colors, OLED, Multi-touch screen

Touch pad Rear:
Multi-touch pad

Front and rear cameras,
120fps @ 320x240 (QVGA), 60fps @ 640x480 (VGA)

Sixaxis motion-sensing system, Three-axis electronic compass

3G Mobile Network, IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi (Infrastructure / Ad-hoc), Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (A2DP/AVRCP/HSP), integrated GPS locator

PlayStation Vita card slot, Memory card slot, SIM card slot (3G/Wi-Fi version only), multi-purpose port (USB data communication, DC IN, serial data communication), audio jack 2.5 for crown , accessory port

Supported formats:
MPEG-MP3 Music-1 / 2 Audio Layer 3, MP4 (MPEG-4 AAC) WAVE (Linear PCM)
Video-MPEG-4 Simple Profile (AAC), H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Hi / Main / Baseline Profile (AAC)
Photo-JPEG (Exif 2.2.1), TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG

Nintendo Wii in 2012 U

Just recently he started the rumor of a new console from Nintendo HD , and being on the eve of E3 certainly had formed great expectations about it. Finally, in his press conference Nintendo released its new piece of hardware under the name U Wii , and although the information disclosed was very brief and we can go getting an idea of what the future family member of the big N.

For several months sales of the Wii console go into a tailspin. This is probably due to the recent launches of motion controls on other consoles ( PS Move and Kinect ), leaving us wondering if the Wii U will not be coming too late to run high-definition consoles.

Although no technical specifications of equipment offered a demo of Zelda rendered in real time and displayed at 1080p graphics power reveals a close-if not like-which have the PS3 and 360.
But what really drew attention to the U was a new Wii control, which consists of a touch screen of 6.2 "surrounded by a broad framework that we find the buttons on a traditional power like microphone, speakers, camera, sensor infrared and even a stylus .

Briefly during the conference and later she made some demonstrations of the usefulness of this new peripherals, such as the ability to view video and other content on your screen, and even the same game transmitted wirelessly from the console.

Another relevant point is the interest shown by other companies ( Third party ) to develop titles for the Wii U, among which were even games rated "M" Dark Siders 2 and Ninja Gaiden ,. However, no featured  demos of any of these. Hopefully in the future to see innovative games developed by third parties for the U Wii, not the current console, where few companies tried to exploit the potential of Nintendo.

Up to now know the price and exact date of release of U Wii some point beyond 2012.

Today begins the Campus Party in Valencia with 8.5GB of bandwidth

Today takes place in Valencia the beginning of the Campus Party 2009 . It said this in Colombia where he was a great success. This time the occasion, the Spanish have to come together for a week in what is says is the "biggest event of electronic entertainment network in the world."

This edition will offer a bandwidth of 8.5 GB , which means 13% more than last year.

The Campus Party not only brings together fans of computer and video games to interact, but also offers computer courses, workshops and exhibitions to display the innovations made ​​by companies and research institutes Valencia. For example, you can see the new interfaces for communication between people and computers, robots and vehicles.

The 13 th edition of this great event in the world of computer and communication technology has made ​​4500 computer in the main room and a budget of 5.4 million euros.

There will be four areas in which they divided the contents of this mega-event: Science, Innovation, Digital Creativity and Leisure. Among them you will find areas dedicated to music, design, photography, astronomy and video. Some of the activities planned for this week will be the creation of a space probe and a series of online fiction, as well as is the proposal to develop new programs based on free software.

Developments, inventions, knowledge, entertainment and technology. Everything is included in this week, but the major premise is to exchange experiences and learn.

United States shows his grenades "smart"

If we talk of war and equipment, there are few countries that use technology to that end one of them is the United States, who every day are taking the battle to a more virtual. Now have presented a grenade launcher "smart".

Some time ago that this country spends millions of dollars in technology development of war, not only cyberataques but the weapons themselves.

The future that we all saw in movies with robots wars not so long ago, now the new weapon is called the XM25 grenade launcher. These latter 100% radio controlled and assisted by a laser sight.

Now the soldiers of the U.S. Army currently in Afghanistan will have a new smart weapon. The Department of Defense issued from December, the first batch launcher grenade XM25.
The XM25 fires projectiles programmable and controlled by radio , to operate in the place pointed to by the soldier, a total of 12,500 units were assigned this weapon. The gun, which took about seven years of laboratory development, it costs $ 35,000 per unit , and is targeted as a revolutionary weapon of war.

By laser is possible to indicate a point 700 meters away, and radio controlled pomegranate may be detonated before reaching the point indicated or minutes later.

For this feature, the soldier can not "wander" in their missions killing defenseless civilians, but we now know exactly where and when it will explode the projectile.

This weapon has leaked as oddly enough is based on the movie "The Fifth Element" in which the villain (Zorg) had a grenade up this style.

No doubt that this technology is more than this weapon not only on the gun itself, but throughout the firing system, which is 100% made by a computer microchip placed inside each shell.

Human Charger: convert body heat into energy

Fujitsu Laboratories developed a small device that when used on the human body converts body heat into energy. The project is still being perfected and should reach the market by 2015, many manufacturers are already interested in this technology.

This battery has a hybrid operation, as it can be powered by sunlight but in turn also thanks to the warmth.

At that time the stores this energy like a battery for later use. The device also is hybrid because it also manages to capture energy from sunlight.

This new venture may have huge profits that have not yet been tested, this is the first product that harnesses the power of warmth and sunlight at the same time.
Previously this required two separate devices and elements such as batteries.

"In the field of medicine this technology can be used in sensors that monitor conditions such as temperature, blood pressure and heart problems, without electrical connection, "the company said.

"If the ambient light and heat were not enough to power the sensor, this technology can supply power to both sources increased each other. Besides this device can be used to control for example the weather forecast."

Fujitsu is still working to perfect your project and hopes to release it in early 2015.

'Modern Warfare 3' was the eighth most discussed topic in Facebook in 2011

As if there was any doubt that electronic entertainment is already the first form of entertainment industry, just look at the latest statistics released by Facebook , where they can read the top ten issues discussed in the social network during 2011 .

A video game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 , has made ​​an eighth place ranking in which there is no hint of theatrical release, literary or musical work (if we ignore the unfortunate death of Amy Winehouse ).

The title of Activision-Blizzard , which raised $ 400 million in its first 24 hours (making it the most profitable launch of the industry to date), has much to talk about in line with major political issues, sports and social of the year is ending.

Thus, the death of Osama Bin Laden was the most talked about among the more than 800 million people who populate Facebook , also the death of Steve Jobs , the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton or the last Super Bowl.  In fact, the Comment game postponed exceeded Libyan conflict and natural disaster, Hurricane Irene , the tenth most discussed issue in the social network.

In Modern Warfare 3 in addition to its impressive sales , has been much talk of a certain sequence, in which a father records the death of his wife and daughter by an explosion in central London , which no doubt a British politician to relate with the attacks of 7-J  in the British capital.

The iPhone 5 will have a different processor than the iPhone 3

The iPhone 4S takes only two months on the market but is already thinking about the next model of Apple. Several analysts say that Apple is planning to incorporate the iPhone 5 different processor to be the future iPad 3 and extend the screen resolution on the iPhone 4S .

So far, Apple has scrupulously followed a schedule of launching its iPhone and Apple devices. Typically, earlier this year launching a new model of 'tablet' of the company in October introduced a new iPhone.

With this strategy, Apple tends to surprise with a next generation processor for 'tablet', which is then used in the new iPhone to take your power and mobile experience.

Apple's philosophy of using the same processor at the two terminals may go down in history in 2012. Susquehanna Financial Analysts quoted by the portal Pwnagetoo, Apple will introduce two different processors next year, one for the iPad 3 and one for the iPhone 5.

The company would develop totally new processor for your smartphone ' , designed in a specific power and possibilities for a mobile phone. For now do not know the details of any of the two processors, although it has been speculated on some of its features.

All indications are that Apple will use multi-core technology for the two processors, as they are already doing some of its competitors. There is talk of quad-core processors as one possibility although no official data.

Improved screen and camera
Additionally, the display of the next iPhone could reach 4.2 inches, surpassing the 3.5 markedly iPhone 4S. Apple expanded the size, possibly reducing the frames of the phone. In this way, the iPhone 5 could have a similar size to the iPhone 4S.

Another rumor suggests that the screen, while increasing, have more resolution. The latest model in the market, the iPhone 4S, with a resolution of 960 by 640 pixels per inch to 326 . According to the German portal Macerkopf, Apple increase the screen resolution on the iPhone 5 to 1440 by 800 pixels.

The camera aspect that Apple has placed special emphasis on 4S also iPhone could be renewed. In this sense, the new iPhone 5 increase from 8 to 12 megapixel potential.

Microsoft will remove Windows applications remotely with 8

Under the terms of service of the App Store Windows 8 , Microsoft may remove applications remotely from any device at any time for any reason. Google and Apple can also 'delete' purchased applications in the Android Market or App Store .

The Redmond company recently announced its application store for Windows 8 and is now trying to attract developers to it. He also published its terms of service, among which includes this option.

"We may change or discontinue certain apps or content offered on the Windows Store at any time for any reason," says Microsoft.

Sometimes, they say, this will happen to "respond to legal or contractual requirements," while in other cases it will prevent users from accessing applications if their safety is at risk.

However, the company could repay the amount paid by the application if the elimination of a device with Windows 8 Beta (currently only available version of the operating system developer).

However, the data stored by an application could be lost forever . "If the Windows Store, an app or any content is changed or discontinued, your data could be removed or might not be able to recover data you had stored," says Microsoft. Also, remember that under no obligation to return the data.

Apple confirmed long ago that can carry out these measures (although, for now, have not done), while Google has had to do more than one occasion.

Mark Zuckerberg is suffering from the mistakes of Facebook privacy

Many Facebook users have complained of the judgments is social network security and privacy compromised by them. Now he has been its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, who has been affected by one of those mistakes that made possible the publication of several of the pictures I had in your profile.

Some of them you can see the millionaire with his girlfriend Priscilla Chan while playing with his dog, are prepared in a restaurant or sushi. The founder of Facebook, which has ensured that only eat meat from animals he has killed , appears in other holding a chicken by the legs.

Snapshots have spread like wildfire on the Internet since they were posted on Imgur by a software engineer named Mike Rundle, who claims to have seen the pictures linked on Hacker News forum, according collects Daily Mail . A Facebook spokesman has confirmed, in statements compiled by Forbes to be temporarily fixed the "bug that allowed anyone to view an unlimited number of photos uploaded by other more recent users, regardless of the privacy settings of these pictures." In another instant Zuckerberg can see the U.S. president, Barack Obama, or handing out candy on Halloween.

The debate about privacy on Facebook was revived last September when the social network introduced the new bar of instant information, making the wall again to be public, but before the user had configured only for your contacts. At the end of November was the very Zuckerber on his blog that Facebook acknowledged he had made ​​"a lot of mistakes" when it comes to user privacy. Zuckerberg's words came after privacy agreement signed between U.S. authorities and Facebook, social network which is committed to seek the express consent of its members before their data is shared beyond what is expected under the terms of use and confidentiality.

The movements of the Palo Alto company run counter to the words of its founder in January 2010. Zuckberg said in an interview with Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch, that "the era of privacy was dead" and that if re-create the social network user data would be fully public.

The Kepler space telescope is a planet could have liquid water

The Kepler space observatory found in the planetary system Kepler-22, 600 light years, the first planet located in the "habitable zone" , an area in which, by its distance from its sun, may be liquid water, as announced NASA on Monday at a news conference.

Scientists at the Ames Research Center of NASA also announced that Kepler has identified 1,000 new "candidate" to planet , ten of which are similar in size to Earth and orbiting in the habitable zone of its star's solar system, that is, neither too close nor too far from a star. The planet, Kepler-22b, is the smallest found by spacecraft orbiting in the "habitable zone"-the one where temperatures allow life - like a star the Earth. 55 planets are even larger than Jupiter, the largest in our solar system is larger than the Earth and still has not been determined whether it is rocky, gaseous or liquid , but said the deputy science team Ames Center, Natalie Batalha, "we are getting closer to finding a planet like Earth . " The Kepler had previously hinted at the existence of planets about the size of ours orbiting in "habitable zones" but this is the first time it finds. Scientists also updated the number of candidates for planets that since it began compiling the list in 2009 has increased to 2326. Of these, 207 are about the size of Earth and 680 are larger and are called "super-Earths".

Of the remainder, 1,181 are the size of Neptune, 203 are equivalent to the size of Jupiter and 55 are even larger than this planet, the largest in our solar system. Launched in March 2009, the Kepler mission is to collect data and evidence of planets orbiting around stars with average temperature conditions where liquid water can exist and therefore, life. Kepler detects planets and planet candidates by measuring dips in the brightness of more than 150,000 stars they observe to see whether they pass in front of their stars, a movement known as transit. But that's not enough and to verify signal of a planet is necessary for the observatory captures three transits to start the process to determine whether or not a possible planet.

Robot Heineken beer

Some time ago we talked about the robot R2beer2 partying cousin of R2D2. Today, after the hangover of the weekend comes its evolution that is now fully functional, the Robot Heineken . In this case there is a prototype but a real robot you can buy for about 2,500 €.

Its origin is curious because the Heineken robot was developed as a piece of art for Autonomous Systems Labdel Department of Product Design and Engineering of ...Middlesex University Kinetica Art Fair for London in February 2010. The robot was a success and is now a commercial product. Its consumption is a barrel of Heineken 5-liter and is powered by a pair of 12-volt motors, a servomotor plus some infrared and ultrasonic sensors. They say that also serves beer almost perfect, but that, if not I do not think so.

So are the screens of the future

Samsung has presented to users through a video which can be a new generation of displays, the so-called flexible displays. They would operate like any other screen of a smartphone or tablet , but with the difference that there is no case to support it and the ability to bend. It is a concept that can make the future of the screens.

In fact, the screen would work like a smartphone or tablet , but has the same thickness as a sheet of paper. With this new AMOLED Flexible screen users could make video calls, read newspapers or enjoy images in three dimensions while can see what happens in the real world looking through it.

Despite the ongoing dispute with Apple, Samsung remains as to patents in courts around the world, South Korea continues to surprise users with the new Samsung Flexible AMOLED screen and shows that continues to promote research into new technologies.

Moreover, Samsung Electronics shares rose more than 2% on Monday after a judge rejected the request for Apple to ban the sale of Galaxy in the U.S., easing concerns about a business that generates quarterly revenue 9.669 million euros (13,000 million).

Free Air Tire, wheel airless Bridgestone anti puncture

The Tokyo Motor Show , also brought us the car scooter - the realization of the puncture-proof tire ever since it has no air inside .  Bridgestone has manufactured a new type of recyclable thermoplastic wheel surrounded by a band of rubber and resin without any air or gas inside the Air Throw Free . Only a curved mesh radios ... interlocking plastic with an angle of 45 ° form the structure of the wheel and support the weight of the vehicle. Each holds a load of 150 kg so the first uses will be small electric vehicles and cars gradually come to use.

Thanks to this structure without air punctured the tire is not nailed never though glass, nails or any other element. Another interesting feature of these wheels is also deformed in the turns (recovering its normal structure) to improve the grip but without changing the fault trazada.Las of these wheels is that they offer a lower suspension and increased consumption due to its grip on asphalt, but this new model has minimized these effects.

Anyone can register domains and pornographic. Xxx

The. Xxx is designed to accommodate, in a clear and limited , the pornography industry. The idea is that just the families and educational institutions and public can more effectively use filters to prevent access of minors or the public is not interested in those sites.

The registration of. Xxx, created to designate Internet web pages or sexual pornographic content , which started last September and has exceeded 100,000 and the number is expected to double by year end , Efe said Stuart Lawley, the CEO of the promoter of triple x domain, ICM Registry.

When in September of this year began the first phase of registration, ICM Registry said it expected more than 650,000 websites were operational before the end of the year and estimated that only 10% of requests come from companies that seek to prevent they relate to adult content.

It begins the third stage in the registration process

The first step to protect the marks of this domain and to register other in order to develop adult content took place from September 7 to October 28 this year. Once completed, any company may request the blocking of its brand name and therefore would be available to the general public. The next phase, from 8 to November 25 is destinóa professionals unregistered adult entertainment and the last to be opened this December 6 , allows access to any applicant.

That is, from Tuesday any individual who wishes may register one of these domains , but may only exploit those who prove to belong to the pornography industry.

"The triple x porno located good" , he pointed out the company spokesman Immaculate Hostalia domain registrar Castellanos, who believes that the mere fact of being located in this domain (which will cost approximately between 100 and 150 euros) is a statement of good practice Consumers facing this kind of material.

The top 10 gadgets of 2011

We enter the final stretch of the year before selecting the best gadgets in each category for the awards clipete we chose the 10 that have marked 2011. Not everyone has come to Spain and many of them face each other in the same product category. However, the importance of each gadget or what they represent, have earned appear on the list top 10 as the most important gadgets of 2011 Did we miss any?

Microsoft Xbox Kinect
The motion control system (and voice) has revolutionized the world of video games and more. The Nintendo Wii was the beginning, but Microsoft has managed to find the continuation and give much more than talk when it is integrated into other devices.

Apple iPad 2 
The second tablet Apple has managed to make the gap with the rest of the Android clones with only a few basic upgrades. Maybe in the future sell more Android but the reference will remain the iPad.

LG 3D Cinema
When criticism of 3D displays were all out by the high price of the glasses (they were also inconsistent between brands) LG came with their system of passive polarized glasses and democratized the enjoyment of 3D content without spending a euro more.

Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Nexus
The two major terminals Android the year that have been put on the ropes the ubiquitous iPhone. The S2 has been the most known, but the newcomer Nexus will give a lot to talk about. The battle of the smartphones continues.

Apple Macbook Air 
Though we take on the market since 2007, has been now that the MacBook Air has grown up making a power comparable to that of a conventional laptop, keeping its stunning design and lightness. 

Nintendo 3DS 
For better or worse Nintendo has made its commitment to getting handheld fully in 3D. The results have been mixed and although it has been below expectations, the new Nintendo console offers 3D experience without glasses at a good number of people.

NEX Sony and Fujifilm x100
Two cameras that have broken with the establishment. On the one hand the system NEX-interchangeable lens compact cameras, there has been renewed with models that offer a high quality beating many SLRs. On the other Fujifilm has regained the pleasure of photography more staff and made with the X100.

Apple iPhone 4S (Siri) 
This time the revolution has been both the hardware and software. The brain of the new iPhone integrates IRIS, the first personal assistant that recognizes the natural language that represents the first step of the gadgets that obey orders. Too bad it is not already in Spanish.

Amazon Kindle Fire
The only brand that has really managed to create a tablet as attractive as the iPhone has been Amazon. And while the biggest attraction is its Kindle Fire very small price ($ 199) should not underestimate the power of Amazon, which successfully launched the Kindle e-book while the rest failed.

Boxee and Roku
Two systems almost unknown in Spain but great success in the U.S. and has led the new generation of television to the classroom. Goodbye to traditional channels as we have known. SmartTV systems put on the screen hundreds of channels with movies, series, documentaries and webTV (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) for you to enjoy your TV to the letter.

The application downloads from the Android Market over 10,000 million

The number of applications downloaded from Android Market for devices with mobile operating system Google has exceeded 10,000 million , reports the Mountain View company in its official blog l.

In July 2010 the number of discharges was 1 000 million , while a year later, in July this year, reaching 6,000 million. From the search engine company indicate that the average monthly growth stood at 1,000 million downloads. In a statement appearing on the Google blog, Android developer Eric Chu has said that the development of mobile application downloads has been "unbelievable" and wanted to thank the creators of these tools by their effort. " Of course, none of these applications exist but for the thousands of developers who created Android, which every day surpass their own limits " , has stated Chu. To celebrate this milestone number, Google has decided to market a variety of applications at a price of 10 cents.

New Zealand users will be the first to try the new 'timeline' of Facebook

Facebook announced at the last conference on company news its new Timeline . This development has been described as an "interactive album on our lives." Users can place your files and photos in chronological order to form a more detailed information on their lives.

Users of New Zealand will be the first to see the new face of the social network. According to adapt they will incorporate the remaining countries.

The timeline will not be a change in the privacy policy of Facebook, it does not affect the information displayed, just change the chronological position of the content.

Responsible for this product is carried out, Sam Lessin , said that this country has been chosen because they are Anglophone and may know what you think of the timeline faster.

Another reason may be the large number of users Zealanders who have Facebook account, says Los Angeles Times . Of the 4.4 million , 2 million are in the social networking profile.

If all goes as planned and the first users are well adapted to the new system, it is likely that the rest of users around the world to have this new service soon , but has not materialized to date.

Apple breaks 'tradition' and put a different processor in their new iPhone5 and iPad3

The Apple company in recent years has been for repeat custom processor models in their new gadget. The device that usually occurs in January for tablet models iPad is the same which is incorporated in the new iPhone which, by custom, are presented in autumn.

But according to several analysts have been told at Susquehanna Financial , the norm in the Cupertino company will break into the new cycle of presentation of their gadgets . "The processor is a CPU iPhone5 completely different from what it is incorporated into the new iPad", say the experts in a report published in the portal PwnageTool.

"On the iPhone5," says analyst Chris Caso, Susquehanna, "production is estimated for early June 2012." The new Apple smartphone will replace the iPhone 4S, which only takes two months on the market .

The portal Portaltic adds more information about the new smartphone model, advancing its screen size is (4.2 inches) and resolution (1440 by 800 pixels) higher than the current model, which has 3.5 inches and 960 by 640 pixels, respectively.

The camera of the new Apple phone could also increase its resolution of 8 to 12 megapixels, a potential image quality and other smartphones have "sold in the market.

You can sell Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia

The South Korean manufacturer Samsung Galaxy tablet may sell 10.1 in Australia , after the last court of appeal rejected an oceanic country of the U.S. company Apple . Samsung Australia said in a statement that its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet will be sold in time for the Christmas period for the price of about $ 589 (441 euros) for Wi-Fi 16GB version and $ 741 (556 euros) for the 16GB 3G.

The High Court of Australia rejected the appeal of Apple to a Federal Court decision that lifted the November 30 court order temporarily prohibiting the sale of the tablet from Samsung.

Apple, which managed last October to block the sale of the Galaxy 01/10 with a lawsuit accusing the South Korean infringing several patents related to touch screens and motion control device, appealed this decision. So the High Court granted Dec. 2 for one week delay commercialization of Samsung tablet to study the request of Apple.

But now the High Court, Australia's highest court has rejected Apple's application and ordered the Silicon Valley company to pay the costs, according to the AAP.

More than 600 stores across Australia are waiting to market the tablets.

The two companies have been immersed in a legal battle patents for his tablets and Smartphone in ten countries worldwide , including Samsung attempts to block the sale of Apple iPhone 4S in four countries, including Australia.

Apple claims that the South Korean company has copied its line of smartphones and tablets electronic design and functions of the iPhone and iPad , while Samsung says that the U.S. has plagiarized some of his ideas of software.

A few days ago it was revealed that Apple failed to convince a judge to block the sale of some smartphones and tablets Galaxy Samsung Electronics in the U.S. market , depriving the iPad and iPhone maker a key advantage in global patent battle between both companies.

In an official statement, Samsung Electronics expressed satisfaction with the sentence of the last Australian court noted that the court's decision confirms that Apple claims "baseless." "Following local procedures, will begin sales of tablet PCs in a few days," he told local agency Yonhap a Samsung spokeswoman in Seoul.

Twitter is renewed with a custom design and multimedia

The social network Twitter revamped its website on Thursday, adding several new features in its use and will help companies to better show their brands.

The new version of Twitter , the company is making available to users gradually since Thursday, has a redesigned look that the company expects to facilitate the task of finding interesting content on the service.

It also has better technology that will enhance the company said speed of service.

The new version of Twitter has a streamlined profile page, in which a company can be highlighted for example videos or pictures . Previously, the profile pages showing a chronological list of the latest messages from the company.

Twitter is taking steps to build a profitable business from its popular service. The company began to display advertising on limited parts of its service in 2010, and is expected to generate advertising revenue by 140 billion this year, according to the firm eMarketer.

More possibilities for marketing

Comments on the developments have positioned the hastag # and # NuevoDiseño NewTwitter Trend in Topics.

The new design incorporates a new top navigation bar on which are the three main tabs : Home, @ # Connect and Discover.

Below, the design is divided into modules, two columns , right wider than the left. The elements basic has been invested, showing the timeline right and left profile information with followers, the trend topics and the field to write a new tweet . This arrangement of the blocks reminiscent, for many users, Facebook .

But the main novelty is the possibility of expanding the tweets , with additional information such as comments, pictures and videos.

As for the three tabs of @ contect is the evolution of the current tab "activity", while the tab # See offers suggestions for personalized content, according to the profile and user preferences.

Precisely this tab which opens up possibilities for marketing : The information that emerges from the profiles of the users (their tastes and preferences) will be used to deliver content "interesting" for this.

Twitter allows people to send 140-character messages called "tweets" through a network of over 100 million users. One of the most popular social networking internet with Facebook.

The company faces competition from Google Inc, which recently introduced a service with similar functionality to Twitter and asked users to provide their feedback on the hashtag: # newlook.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Portable projectors, videos and presentations without screens

Until recently, the easiest way to share videos or photos with friends was called at home and watch them on TV. Now, thanks to portable projectors is simpler, it does not even need a television to view the contents to be presented. What is the difference from each other?

Portable projectors are simple and useful in different situations. A professional for presentations and display documents on a personal level to meeting friends. The differences between them often lies in the power of the equipment (measured in lumens) as well as its size and weight. For example, 3M, one of the brands that have chosen this type of equipment, has a small range of projectors that differ in weight, size and functionality. From the 154 grams of MPro120 and 12 lumens of brightness to the fullest MP180, of 338 grams and with WiFi, Bluetooth, projection capability disparate formats, and so on. Philips also has decided to launch a range of projectors with different capabilities, from simple to the most complete PPX1020 PPX1430.

Anyway, this type of micro projectors are called to be among the big winners this holiday season, for its great flexibility.

Batteries of gelatin, the successors of lithium

A new technology based on a polymer gel could replace the current batteries lithium ion . These gel batteries solve some problems of lithium, as its high cost, easy to overheat to the point of being able to exploit limited shelf life.

The invention has been developed by scientists at the University of Leeds, England, who expect their ingenuity led to the creation of electronic devices smaller, more efficient and safe . Currently, much of laptops, mobile phones and many other electrical devices use batteries based on a volatile and sometimes dangerous electrolyte: lithium. The scientists aim was to overcome the problems and limitations of this material and its quest have had their batteries gelatin doing the same work for a price between 10 and 20 percent lower than that of lithium.

This technology, developed primarily by Professor Ian Ward, is based on the mixture of a polymer rubbery with a liquid electrolyte in a thin, flexible gel that is placed between the electrodes of the battery. "The polymer gel resembles a solid film, but actually contains 70% liquid electrolyte , "says Professor Ward. "It's done with the same principles on which it becomes a jelly: it adds a lot of hot water to gelatin (in this case is a mixture of polymer and electrolyte) and when it cools and settles into a solid mass, but flexible ". In addition to being safe and damage tolerant , the cells obtained are adaptable to fit almost any device geometry, which makes them much more versatile.

Nikon has their cameras without mirrors

Along with Canon, Nikon is the leading brand of camera mirror par excellence. So much so that both chambers had no markings such as "micro four thirds." With the introduction of the new Nikon 1 V1 and J1 on Wednesday Nikon, Canon has become the only company that does not have in its inventory of these devices.

This is the least risky bet. While the Japanese market cameras without mirrors are all the rage and now represent over 30 percent of the total market in Europe and the U.S. seem to need a boost. In fact the only American country account for 10 percent of total sales of cameras with interchangeable lens models.

As well its name implies, the difference between the classic DSLR and current micro four thirds is the lack of the latter a system of mirrors. This difference is in many ways: from the minimalism of the design, reducing its size to weight reduction. And all thanks to improved technology using sensors that are becoming more developed and better capture the images.

Both new models feature a 10.1 megapixel sensor CMOS also record video. In addition, video cameras to allow slow-motion mode and reaches 10 frames per second burst shooting mode.
As explained in Nikon cameras will be sold starting in October and will cost around 900 euros, although the final price will depend on each country.

Nokia unveils its weapons against Apple

In the company's annual event, Nokia today introduced its new range of phones, accessories and services. Among them is the first smartphone with Windows Phone . In addition, the Finnish brand wanted to delve into social networks keeping old items but high quality optics Carl Zeiss .

Lumia series with the Lumia Lumia 800 and 710 are the two gems that have grabbed the biggest excitement of the presentation held in London. 800, more square than its little brother has an AMOLED display and a 3.7-inch 1.4 GHz processor and hardware-accelerated graphics processor. Your camera has 8 megapixels and has an internal memory of 16 GB (plus 25 extra in the cloud). The Lumia 710, in turn, runs the same speed processor but has a slightly reduced performance, which has enabled Nokia also reduced its price: around 270 compared with 410 of the other variable in the range.

The new Nokia Lumia come to France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, UnitedKingdom and Spain in November while the 710 will be available in our country from next year.

In addition, Nokia has introduced other terminals for those less plugged into the technology and more faithful to the classic version of the company. So the series was born Asha, whose prices are cheaper and new designs that combine the simplicity of classic old Nokia. These new design elements highlights the qwerty keyboard of the models 303 and 200 and the bright metallic colors available.

In addition, the Finnish brand presented other associated services such as maps, the Public Transport Nokia, Nokia Touch, Nokia Drive and so on. Will they manage to deal with Apple and Samsung in the struggle for hegemony smartphone?

A keyboard for your iPad 2

Kensington is a manufacturer of computer accessories which also manufactures various products for netbooks and tablets. Among these is the Bluetooth Keyboard Pro KeyFolio iPad2 , which stands out not as a mere keyboard that connects to the tablet but provides a framework to use the tablet like a monitor.

Integrated Bluetooth technology enables wireless operation and using a single button to connect the keyboard to the tablet from Apple. The multi media keeps iPad 2 in place while rotating frame allows the use of both vertical and horizontal, so the tablet can be used as a laptop using the numerous office applications can be found in the store of Apple.

It also has two openings for front and rear cameras and also allows charging the battery in 4.5 hours iPad 2 to provide 90 hours of operation in use and 45 days standby.

It is complemented with a holster that allows transport of the iPad 2 to limit the risk of scratches and bumps. Its suggested retail price is 99.99 € (VAT included).

Australia warns of scams online dating pages

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has urged the Government to take action against the online dating sites after reporting that more than 1,600 Australians were swindled in a scam which amount totals more than $ 17 million during 2011.

The regulatory body is required to create a project with clear guidelines to regulate this lucrative business.

"The scams online dating sites cause significant damage to Australian consumers," the commission warned in a statement.

The publication of the Australian group is working on recommendations from last July, is made after the scandal generated in the oceanic country to learn that a doctor paid for years at a dating agency to believe that helping a girlfriend about 3 million of dollars.

"It is common for a real user is contacted by a fan who actually cheat you are looking after you create an emotional bond and receive money and personal gifts," says the ACCC.

Among the recommendations are that the pages to warn customers about potential scams, to assist the processing of claims and verify potential profiles to avoid "fraudulent conduct." EFE

Internet, for fun

It was suspected but now a study by U.S. research center has made ​​it patently clear: 53% of Internet users connect to the Internet prior for no reason only to kill time and entertain .

The study, published today was conducted by the Pew Research Center among Americans over 18 years, calls into question the widespread use of this knowledge network as a tool to study or work. These numbers contrast with those collected in 2000, when only 29 percent said occasionally use internet for fun, according to Efe.

In addition, the report shows a clear trend of particular use Internet as age increases. Thus, more than half of people aged 18 to 29 years subject to the study reported that daily surf the Internet without any special order just for the fun involved. This percentage decreased among people 30 to 49, 37% to sail without a specific goal, while the stretch from 50 to 64 that low hesitancy to 27%.

Source of entertainment
In addition, the study shows how over the years Internet users have turned more often to this medium as a source of entertainment, especially since 2005, when he began the emergence of broadband, video and social networks . The report notes that one of the reasons for the widespread use of internet for fun is that in recent years has incorporated other forms of leisure and now can watch TV, listen to radio, play or read.

The pollsters also asked what was usually the main reason for using the Internet, to which 58% replied that "for fun", with an incidence of 80% between 18 and 29.

"Angry Birds" becomes a game of table

Come, do not fool anyone. We say to your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband this Christmas you should buy this board game for your nephews or children. But really what you want for yourself. Pigs Killed many times with a bird on the touch screen you're dying to do it for real.

Mattel has launched in Spain ahead of the Christmas season official board game based on the Rovio game " Angry Birds ". Maybe if you lived in a cave or touch screens will produce allergy, do not know or have played this game. Still, you could have also come to him through web browsers, video games or social networks.

Because the application of Rovio is the paradigm of a successful mobile game and earn hundreds of millions of downloads around the world with versions for PlayStation, IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Chrome or Facebook. Specifically, recent figures show that every day 30 million people use the game .

The board game, recommended after five years, recreates the interactive game scenarios for the participants challenges in which to demonstrate their skill and speed.

The starting point is known to all: a group of green pigs have stolen the eggs from the nest of a happy bird. On discovering the birds flew into a rage and are willing to do anything to recover.

In the table, "Angry Birds" becomes a game of skill for two to four players, divided into two teams. The mechanics could not be more simple: a team chooses a letter of assignment where the structure appears to be assembling the team. The challenge for the first team will consist of all the pigs down the structure triggering the "Angry Birds" with a pitcher. The teams take turns and who earn 1,000 points is the winner. The set includes three figures of birds, four green pigs, a slingshot, the task cards and pieces to assemble the structures.

PlayStation 4 will arrive on time

The head of PlayStation Europe, Jim Ryan , explained that Sony will not let the same thing happen that happened with PS3 in the next generation of consoles. Console sales were weighed down by a much later release Xbox 360 , so that the launch of PlayStation 4 will coincide in time with the competition.

Sony's rivals in the world of video games and being considered for release dates of its next generation of consoles. The console Nintendo Wii U is expected in April 2012, while the new Xbox from Microsoft may be submitted at the next E3 2012, with its launch could occur late this year or early-mid 2013.

To avoid what happened with PlayStation 3-which came to market a year later than Xbox 360, directly rival Sony PlayStation 4 launching arises at about the same time as the new consoles from Microsoft and Nintendo.

According to an interview with Eurogamer TV last week, during the presentation of PS Vita in London PlaySation leader said Europe would not be a good strategy to arrive later than rivals. "We consider it desirable to launch the next generation of PlayStation significantly later than the competition," says Ray.

Further work on PS3
Given the scenario that will come in 2012 along with the current economic situation of the company, everything indicates that PS4 could hit the market soon. But Ray also said that currently there is still much work with the current generation of PlayStation, PS3, since most sales of their consoles are produced with lower prices the same as happened with PS2.

"If you look at PlayStation 2, there are over 150 million units sold worldwide and a large majority were acquired at a price of 139 euros or less. With PS3 we have just lowered the price to 240 euros, so clearly there is considerable untapped market, "says Ray.

So far, the most anticipated release for users is that of the last console Sony laptop, PS Vita. This console hit the market in Japan December 17 and February 22, 2012 in Europe. In the European case, on 30 November and could be reserved two exclusive packs PS Vita. Users will have to pay 30 euros a sign that the final price will be discounted and may get the console with official products and discounts for online gaming.

An iPhone 4 burns in flight

An iPhone too hot. That's what caused a small incident in Express regional flight ZL319 linking Lismore to Sydney , when suddenly the device began to burn. According to witnesses, was found "a significant amount of dense smoke, accompanied by a red light."

It was during the course of landing when the problem occurred. According to the company, the rapid action of the crew solved the mishap and allowed the successful completion of the flight. After landing, the iPhone was released to officials of the Office of Transport Security in Australia. There is still no official explanation about the cause of the burning of the phone. It was an iPhone 4, and not the iPhone 4S , the latest model of the company.

Although extremely rare, prior cases have been reported in small combustion devices, especially in lithium ion batteries from overheating.

Apple has warned in its first generation iPod Nano sold between September 2005 and December 2006 the danger of overheating the battery, which the company's Web site described as "security risk".

What Steve Jobs and Bill Gates thought of each other

Two magnates, two men of ideas linked by technology. Her accomplishments have marked each by hand, a new stage in technological innovation. His professional career and joined them separated, and the media always speculated about their friendship, but to really think about each other?

Both men were inclined towards technology and have devoted much of their lives to this field. For one thing Steve Jobs was devoted to developing new products and contribute to the creation of new designs that revolutionize the market. On the other hand, Bill Gates focused on developing and marketing software. The two have become rich thanks to his skills in this field.

With the death of Steve Jobs have come to light some of the criticism that he dedicated to his great rival Bill Gates . In the biography by Walter Isaacson mentioned that "everyone thought he was smarter than the other, but generally considered Bill Steve as someone slightly less especially in matters of taste and style."

Ironically Jobs
This is just a touch of the number of comments that were devoted to each other. Including some as controversial as "Bill Gates would be a more open type if it had ever taken acid."

In Business Insider have made ​​a compilation of the most striking criticism were the two geniuses. Yet also praised the work of his rival. One example was the letter to Gates issued his condolences when he learned of the death of Jobs:

"The world rarely see someone who has had the profound impact that Steve has created, whose effects will be felt for generations to come. For those of us lucky enough to work with him has been an honor incredibly bright. I will miss Steve very much. "

Warn of a massive attack on printers

Researchers at Columbia University have made ​​a warning when less disturbing. According to the study, the HP LaserJet printers connected to the Internet are vulnerable, a "hole" in your system, cyber attacks. The hackers could install malicious software and take control of the machine, to the point p rovocar spontaneously catch fire . Researchers believe that this security flaw is also found in HP printers, which have begun to analyze.

The flaw in the remote firmware update allows the hacker to access the printer and put a "booby trap" , the component responsible for heating the ink to dry until the machine is on fire. Researchers believe that this security hole could affect millions of consumers, businesses and institutions. So the situation have informed both the U.S. federal agencies as HP. The company is analyzing the details of the study but does not agree that the vulnerability is so great, considering that research has been conducted with older printers.

Anonymous rob banks to "donate money"

The group of hackers Anonymous has joined the group Teampoiso n and adopted the name ' poisAnon 'in order to rob banks to donate money. I call "scammers" and make them responsible for the crisis. The operation, of course, is called Robin Hood.

In a statement posted on Tumblr by Anonymous , groups of hackers claim that "when the poor man steals, he is considered violence, but when rob banks, business is called," referring to the business of banking.

Therefore, they explained that they will take the banks what they consider theirs . In other words, planned to steal money from banks. With Operation 'Robin Hood' will donate 99 percent of what they raise to charities in a campaign as "reimbursement" of money.

So, have ensured that they have already gained access to several U.S. financial institutions and among its first victims include Chase Bank, Bank of America, and Citibank credit cards.

"It's time to pay '
In this sense, state that "it is time that banks pay for their crimes and corruption," and decided to take justice into their own hands because they do not wait for the government to take action. Therefore, the operation 'Robin Hood' recommend users to move their savings' credit union insurance. "

"We have no fear of the police, secret service or FBI. Let's show everyone that banks are safe and take our money back. Let's hit the real evil without hurting their customers and helping others "have said in the statement.

Finally, in its statement called the people to get up and remind the banks for whom they work. "It's time to fight. It's time to regain their freedom," both groups have concluded hackers.

The Apple ID is the new target of cybercriminals

Cybercriminals have used the image of Apple to try to trick users and get your access to the music store and applications Apple . Through an email, cyber criminals data access request to appropriate them and make purchases on behalf of those affected.

Data theft is becoming more frequent. Hackers try to get as much information as possible to sell or to access the accounts of users of the mails or other services. It is also common to find schemes to get the bank details of users in order to extract money from their accounts.

However, Sophos security blog, Naked Security, now announces a new practice. It is the theft of identification data to Apple services in order to buy content on behalf of users. Thus, from Naked Security ensures that it has detected a campaign of " phishing "in which cybercriminals use Apple's image to fool users.

In an email, posing as the company , imitating her image and style to defraud consumers. The scam is reporting that it has detected an error in the billing of users. Cyber ​​criminals threaten to close accounts that have been affected by the incident, saying it is a security measure. To keep the accounts are closed, indicate to users that need access to a link and follow a procedure.

Blog According to Sophos, the detected mail system leads to a German website, but it is possible that cybercriminals develop a new page that mimics that of Apple. In this way, try to trick users into entering data in order to control the problem of false security . When you enter your data, cybercriminals will get your username and password and can operate with them.

Sophos recommends beware of unsolicited emails and services and above all be careful with the links to be accessed. This new threat is another example of how cybercriminals never stop finding new ways and new hooks for their scams.

40% of users use social networks for professional purposes

The 38.8% of Spanish users of social networks using these internet tools for professional purposes, while 80.2% of HR managers used them to recruit candidates, known as recruiting 2.0 .

This is indicated by I Study on the knowledge and use of social networks in Spain , developed by the National Observatory of Telecommunications and Information Society ( ONTSI ) and presented today in Madrid. The facility director, Peter Martin , has said that social networks are a "perfect ecosystem" to generate new opportunities for entrepreneurs, independent professionals and content authors.

The CEO of , Carlos Cano , has argued that these tools, as well as introducing a new form of communication, have "relevance" in the business world, where they are promoting a new way of doing business. The Spanish study shows that most professionals use social networks, like LinkedIn, are between 36 and 45 years, and its use among children under 25 years enough residual.

57.6% of Spanish users of these networks uses them to seek employment, 30.3%, to advertise as a professional, 18.2%, to advertise your company and 15.2%, with for training purposes. The study shows that social networks are "enabling the emergence of new professions based on the management and protection of business interests with their clients." In particular, is emerging a new profile, the community manager, or community manager -. usually associated with the marketing departments.

ONTSI analysis points out that social networks are the most personal profile used in Spain the third country that accesses these tools behind Brazil and Italy, and that Facebook and Myspace are the ones with more users . 48.6% of Spanish Internet users who have personal accounts on those networks daily access, while over 52% spend an hour or more to dive for them each time you log on.

According to Martin, the main motivations that drive Internet users to use social networks are communicating with friends (89.2% of cases) and exchange photographs (49%). In this sense, Martin said that the ONTSI is detecting an increase in the penetration of digital cameras at home, driven by this phenomenon.

Another trend that has brought out the report is that the opinions expressed in these networks influence the purchasing decisions of users: 47.4% of those who obtain information about products or services, there is shown "quite or very influenced "by the judgments issued by other Internet users. In that scenario play a prominent role "influential users," those who enjoy an authoritative voice in the community and get grab the attention of the rest.

Discovered a software that records everything you do with the mobile

It may take just a suspicion, but a new discovery casts reasonable doubt on the respect of some companies to deteriorating privacy of users. This time bomb has been thrown by Trevor Eckhart , a young programmer U.S. security specialist, he has discovered in moving of different operating systems and makes the existence of a software pre-installed that monitors user activity and sends the operators phone data such as location, messaging and SMS passwords user.

Eckhart discovered two weeks ago that some mobile operating system Android had a pre-installed software company Carrier IQ that, without the user knowing it, recording their activity and sent over the Internet. To demonstrate, the programmer filmed a video in which you can see how their actions with a phone HTC were recorded on a computer screen. Even when internet Eckhart agreed to by the security protocol https , which is encrypted, Carrier IQ software could read the information instantly and seamlessly.

Carrier IQ Eckhart sent a notice of "cease and desist" to stop referring to this company, but the program remained strong. The company that was abandoned, a few days later issued a press release explaining that the program does is "count and measure operational information in mobile devices." "This information is used by our customers-operators-as a tool for improving the quality of the network, understand the problems of equipment and ultimately improve the user experience," he said.

Carrier IQ software is about 140 million phones, but it is unclear which ones. On the one hand, while Eckhart tests were with Android, Google this system does not carry the "spy" by default. In fact, not in the official Google phone.

Nokia and BlackBerry, which is immediately associated with this software, ensure that their terminals are shipped with this program. Another thing is if someone installs it later. The Apple iPhone with the current IOS 5.0 does not carry the Carrier IQ software, even if it was in previous versions. In this case, the program was disabled by default.

Amid the controversy, U.S. operators like Sprint and AT & T defended the use of this system to improve the effectiveness of their service. Some authorities have begun to investigate. U.S. Sen. Al Franken has requested an explanation from Carrier IQ, and data protection authorities in Germany and France have already formally requested information to companies to see if the phones are spying on us.

'Murders star': the stars are a new way to die

This week has been known that Spanish researchers have discovered how a star induces another to the death a "murder stellar" set in just over half an hour and as a result of which creates a black hole with a mass slightly larger than the sun and a diameter of about 20 kilometers.

The journal Nature published the research, conducted by an international group led by Christina Ugarte Postigo Thöne and Antonio, the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (Granada), in collaboration with Miguel Angel Aloy and Petar Mimica, the University of Valencia. In the same have found a plausible explanation to the puzzle proposed by the 'eruption of Christmas', a gamma-ray burst (GRB, for its acronym in English) of more than half an hour in length, which happened on December 25, 2010 .

This 'rash of Christmas' , or GRB101225A by scientific identification is the result of a neutron star merging with the helium core of a giant star and former, at a distance from Earth of about 5,500 million light-years . This "exotic" binary system went through a phase in which the neutron star entered the atmosphere of the giant companion star to reach its core is merged with it, the result being a huge explosion , initially invisible from Earth, and possibly the birth of a new black hole.

A massive star dies, forming a supernova, while it has been induced to death by his companion 's tremendous amount of energy released by the blast was channeled away from the center of the star at speeds approaching that of light.

As explained Miguel Angel Aloy, previously thought that most GRBs were associated with bigger stars than the Sun , which end up producing supernovae. But the 'eruption of Christmas', as Aloy, GRB is a "rare", with properties different from those known so far, and could be regarded as evidence that there is a new way of producing stellar black holes.

"A massive star dies , forming a supernova, while it has been induced to death by his companion, which has been falling far as the center of the star, which induces an unusual supernova explosion (in fact had not gone unnoticed be for the detection of the GRB) and a very compact object, possibly a black hole, "he stated.

Aloy noted that are common pairs of stars (binary systems) "but never seen live almost stellar this murder . " The most unusual property of this GRB is that it contains a "thermal contribution to the spectrum extremely powerful", and researchers believe that this thermal component is "a challenge to the well established paradigm that explains that the radiation emitted after the gamma-ray burst is in non-thermal (synchrotron). "

The gamma-ray bursts are flashes of radiation that can reach ultraintensa Earth from all directions of space. Phenomena are so powerful and energy that only one of them can be as bright as all the stars visible in the sky simultaneously, but only for a few seconds.

"This rash really blew everyone away and had plenty of anodyne properties, which motivated us to consider a wide range of possible explanations, including some related to the possibility that this was a rare event in our own galaxy, "said in a statement Petar Mimica.

For his part, Antonio Ugarte said that the fact that the same GRB afterglow is not watching a classic and a thermal component is detected hot supernova explosion so weak that there is no precedent of other equally, and gamma-ray activity as prolonged alerted us of their peculiar nature. "

"The classification of GRBs may have to be revised in light of these recent observations, according to which the stars seem to have found new ways to die , "the researchers conclude.

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