Friday, December 9, 2011

You can sell Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia

The South Korean manufacturer Samsung Galaxy tablet may sell 10.1 in Australia , after the last court of appeal rejected an oceanic country of the U.S. company Apple . Samsung Australia said in a statement that its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet will be sold in time for the Christmas period for the price of about $ 589 (441 euros) for Wi-Fi 16GB version and $ 741 (556 euros) for the 16GB 3G.

The High Court of Australia rejected the appeal of Apple to a Federal Court decision that lifted the November 30 court order temporarily prohibiting the sale of the tablet from Samsung.

Apple, which managed last October to block the sale of the Galaxy 01/10 with a lawsuit accusing the South Korean infringing several patents related to touch screens and motion control device, appealed this decision. So the High Court granted Dec. 2 for one week delay commercialization of Samsung tablet to study the request of Apple.

But now the High Court, Australia's highest court has rejected Apple's application and ordered the Silicon Valley company to pay the costs, according to the AAP.

More than 600 stores across Australia are waiting to market the tablets.

The two companies have been immersed in a legal battle patents for his tablets and Smartphone in ten countries worldwide , including Samsung attempts to block the sale of Apple iPhone 4S in four countries, including Australia.

Apple claims that the South Korean company has copied its line of smartphones and tablets electronic design and functions of the iPhone and iPad , while Samsung says that the U.S. has plagiarized some of his ideas of software.

A few days ago it was revealed that Apple failed to convince a judge to block the sale of some smartphones and tablets Galaxy Samsung Electronics in the U.S. market , depriving the iPad and iPhone maker a key advantage in global patent battle between both companies.

In an official statement, Samsung Electronics expressed satisfaction with the sentence of the last Australian court noted that the court's decision confirms that Apple claims "baseless." "Following local procedures, will begin sales of tablet PCs in a few days," he told local agency Yonhap a Samsung spokeswoman in Seoul.


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