Friday, December 9, 2011

Twitter is renewed with a custom design and multimedia

The social network Twitter revamped its website on Thursday, adding several new features in its use and will help companies to better show their brands.

The new version of Twitter , the company is making available to users gradually since Thursday, has a redesigned look that the company expects to facilitate the task of finding interesting content on the service.

It also has better technology that will enhance the company said speed of service.

The new version of Twitter has a streamlined profile page, in which a company can be highlighted for example videos or pictures . Previously, the profile pages showing a chronological list of the latest messages from the company.

Twitter is taking steps to build a profitable business from its popular service. The company began to display advertising on limited parts of its service in 2010, and is expected to generate advertising revenue by 140 billion this year, according to the firm eMarketer.

More possibilities for marketing

Comments on the developments have positioned the hastag # and # NuevoDiseño NewTwitter Trend in Topics.

The new design incorporates a new top navigation bar on which are the three main tabs : Home, @ # Connect and Discover.

Below, the design is divided into modules, two columns , right wider than the left. The elements basic has been invested, showing the timeline right and left profile information with followers, the trend topics and the field to write a new tweet . This arrangement of the blocks reminiscent, for many users, Facebook .

But the main novelty is the possibility of expanding the tweets , with additional information such as comments, pictures and videos.

As for the three tabs of @ contect is the evolution of the current tab "activity", while the tab # See offers suggestions for personalized content, according to the profile and user preferences.

Precisely this tab which opens up possibilities for marketing : The information that emerges from the profiles of the users (their tastes and preferences) will be used to deliver content "interesting" for this.

Twitter allows people to send 140-character messages called "tweets" through a network of over 100 million users. One of the most popular social networking internet with Facebook.

The company faces competition from Google Inc, which recently introduced a service with similar functionality to Twitter and asked users to provide their feedback on the hashtag: # newlook.


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