Friday, December 2, 2011

Google will pay for sex change to employees

Google interventions include sex change in health coverage for their employees, according to U.S. magazine The Advocate , which further suggests that other companies will, predictably, his example.

Such coverage may reach $ 75,000 (about 56,000 euros). This amount is established by the Corporate Equality Index 2012 of the Human Rights Campaign , an organization that fights for the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

The benefits will be enjoyed by employees of the U.S., but Google's intention is to cover also the proceedings of its international workers, even though they have no time frame.

Some of the procedures and treatments covered include facial and genital surgery and breast implants.

Continued efforts

Jordan Newman, a company spokesman, said that the tech giant wants to meet the standards set by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health ( WPATH , for its acronym in English).

The association states that these interventions are "necessary" for transsexual patients.

"Continually pursue new ways to create an inclusive culture and to support our workers," said Sarah Stuart, in charge of diversity and inclusion area which the company globally.

But is not the first time Google defends the rights of these groups.

A year ago, the company raised wages to its employees and homosexuals to end the tax discrimination they suffer in the U.S. , as they have to pay additional taxes for medical coverage while traditional marriage does not have to pay.


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