Monday, December 5, 2011

"Angry Birds" becomes a game of table

Come, do not fool anyone. We say to your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband this Christmas you should buy this board game for your nephews or children. But really what you want for yourself. Pigs Killed many times with a bird on the touch screen you're dying to do it for real.

Mattel has launched in Spain ahead of the Christmas season official board game based on the Rovio game " Angry Birds ". Maybe if you lived in a cave or touch screens will produce allergy, do not know or have played this game. Still, you could have also come to him through web browsers, video games or social networks.

Because the application of Rovio is the paradigm of a successful mobile game and earn hundreds of millions of downloads around the world with versions for PlayStation, IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Chrome or Facebook. Specifically, recent figures show that every day 30 million people use the game .

The board game, recommended after five years, recreates the interactive game scenarios for the participants challenges in which to demonstrate their skill and speed.

The starting point is known to all: a group of green pigs have stolen the eggs from the nest of a happy bird. On discovering the birds flew into a rage and are willing to do anything to recover.

In the table, "Angry Birds" becomes a game of skill for two to four players, divided into two teams. The mechanics could not be more simple: a team chooses a letter of assignment where the structure appears to be assembling the team. The challenge for the first team will consist of all the pigs down the structure triggering the "Angry Birds" with a pitcher. The teams take turns and who earn 1,000 points is the winner. The set includes three figures of birds, four green pigs, a slingshot, the task cards and pieces to assemble the structures.


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