Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gowex exports its model France WiFi to an agreement with the city of Bordeaux (France)

Gowex has closed a contract with the city of Bordeaux to carry out there a WiFi City project, which is exporting its model of free WiFi France, announced Thursday the company.

In this way, Bordeaux, the seventh most populated city in France with 250,000 inhabitants and about one million across the region, will have free Internet access in the streets and various municipal public buildings through the agreement between the Gowex and the consistory .

Specifically, the new municipal WiFi network will allow visitors and citizens of Bordeaux can surf for free in the main tourist and municipal buildings located on the banks of the Garonne River and a score of public buildings in the city.

Thus, users need only have a wireless mobile terminal, municipal WiFi network to detect and register to start navigating.

The company pointed out that, like other cities in Gowex WiFi, users can connect for free for a period of time and, simultaneously, have the possibility of hiring Premium rates that allow speeds up to 6 Mbps


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