Thursday, December 15, 2011

A car is powered by coffee and reaches a high speed record

Year and a half ago we learned the coffee car, one of those cars rarely created by a group of Britons who made ​​some alterations to a car and could be moving, jogging, taking as fuel bags of coffee beans. The creation of this vehicle was the brainchild of Martin and his friends Beacon Teesdale Conservation Volunteers of Durham, England.

Thanks to this invention, achieved the Guinness record for speed in the speed category for vehicles that run through gasification of organic wastes.

This car achieved an average speed exceeding 107 km / h, and pulverizing the previous record of 75 km / h which belongs to the U.S. Energy Beaver that was powered by wood pellets.

With this creation, the British group wanted to demonstrate that renewable energy is very useful for driving vehicles. If they see that the car does not look like this, is because they changed the Volkswagen Scirocco for a Rover SD1. Before it was more like a DeLorean, the car who presented their pipes and containers carried inside.


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