Friday, December 9, 2011

The application downloads from the Android Market over 10,000 million

The number of applications downloaded from Android Market for devices with mobile operating system Google has exceeded 10,000 million , reports the Mountain View company in its official blog l.

In July 2010 the number of discharges was 1 000 million , while a year later, in July this year, reaching 6,000 million. From the search engine company indicate that the average monthly growth stood at 1,000 million downloads. In a statement appearing on the Google blog, Android developer Eric Chu has said that the development of mobile application downloads has been "unbelievable" and wanted to thank the creators of these tools by their effort. " Of course, none of these applications exist but for the thousands of developers who created Android, which every day surpass their own limits " , has stated Chu. To celebrate this milestone number, Google has decided to market a variety of applications at a price of 10 cents.


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