Friday, December 9, 2011

So are the screens of the future

Samsung has presented to users through a video which can be a new generation of displays, the so-called flexible displays. They would operate like any other screen of a smartphone or tablet , but with the difference that there is no case to support it and the ability to bend. It is a concept that can make the future of the screens.

In fact, the screen would work like a smartphone or tablet , but has the same thickness as a sheet of paper. With this new AMOLED Flexible screen users could make video calls, read newspapers or enjoy images in three dimensions while can see what happens in the real world looking through it.

Despite the ongoing dispute with Apple, Samsung remains as to patents in courts around the world, South Korea continues to surprise users with the new Samsung Flexible AMOLED screen and shows that continues to promote research into new technologies.

Moreover, Samsung Electronics shares rose more than 2% on Monday after a judge rejected the request for Apple to ban the sale of Galaxy in the U.S., easing concerns about a business that generates quarterly revenue 9.669 million euros (13,000 million).


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