Friday, December 2, 2011

Scale positions and Chrome beats Firefox

Become the favorite browser of users is not easy. However, little by little Google Chrome is making its way into the heart of the Internet.  According to recent data collected by StatCounter related to last November, the browser of the search engine company would be over for the first time in its history to Firefox with 25.5% market share worldwide. But the guys at Google are not for complacency because the browser Mozilla follows closely with 25.2%. Chrome Thus for the first time becomes the second most used browser in the world.  

The domain, for its part, continues to have Internet Explorer to drink a 40.63% interest of users. Although the browser Microsoft can not boast as its graph, as indicated by StatCounter, plummeting since January 2010.  While other browsers like Safari and Opera are held in line with figures but very discreet.  In the Spanish case , the ranking remains the same as in the global trend. Internet Explorer leads with a 39.65% share, followed by a 28.16% Chrome and Firefox with 26.07%. Safari and Opera with 4.7% and 0.79%, respectively close the list of browsers used in Spain.  "This is a fascinating battle between Microsoft and Google, given the rate of growth of Chrome, which can be converted a true rival to Internet Explorer worldwide, "said Aodhan Cullen, CEO of StatCounter.  Time will tell if Chrome manages to reap better figures and snatch its dominant position by Microsoft browser.


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