Friday, December 9, 2011

Today begins the Campus Party in Valencia with 8.5GB of bandwidth

Today takes place in Valencia the beginning of the Campus Party 2009 . It said this in Colombia where he was a great success. This time the occasion, the Spanish have to come together for a week in what is says is the "biggest event of electronic entertainment network in the world."

This edition will offer a bandwidth of 8.5 GB , which means 13% more than last year.

The Campus Party not only brings together fans of computer and video games to interact, but also offers computer courses, workshops and exhibitions to display the innovations made ​​by companies and research institutes Valencia. For example, you can see the new interfaces for communication between people and computers, robots and vehicles.

The 13 th edition of this great event in the world of computer and communication technology has made ​​4500 computer in the main room and a budget of 5.4 million euros.

There will be four areas in which they divided the contents of this mega-event: Science, Innovation, Digital Creativity and Leisure. Among them you will find areas dedicated to music, design, photography, astronomy and video. Some of the activities planned for this week will be the creation of a space probe and a series of online fiction, as well as is the proposal to develop new programs based on free software.

Developments, inventions, knowledge, entertainment and technology. Everything is included in this week, but the major premise is to exchange experiences and learn.


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