Friday, December 2, 2011

Samsung may sell the tablet in Australia

The South Korean manufacturer Samsung has made ​​the Federal Court in Sydney lift the ban on selling your Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet imposed by a judge in October at the request of Apple. The U.S. manufacturer Samsung sued on the grounds that its patents violated his tablet. Apple has appealed the court's decision, appeal to be considered immediately before Samsung can put your tablet in the windows. The decision is prior to sentencing on the conflict that has not been issued. The judges consider that the commercial life of the tablet is about one year and extend the ban on the sale would "kill" the Galaxy 10.1 in Australia. Discussed the patent refers to the touchscreen. The decision will allow Samsung to take this holiday season.

This episode is not the only one that faces both companies. In Germany, also initiated by Apple, Samsung can not sell this tablet . Apple claims that the similarities between his iPad tablet and 10.1 of Samsung Galaxy are too many and has persuaded a German court that is. The issue began to be substantiated in August, when the court banned the sale of Samsung tablet throughout Europe except Holland, for one reason strictly jurisdictional. Then corrected its decision prohibiting the sale only in Germany. The court finds that the German subsidiary of Samsung, which has legal personality, can not sell or export the tablet. The other European subsidiaries, however, can market the product in its territory. Samsung argued that Apple had filed false images of Tab to reinforce the idea that his design was a simple copy and the court had no jurisdiction to order a trade embargo across the European Union. Apple has opened applications for the same reasons in other countries like France and the United States.

In Holland, Apple had alleged that Samsung violated 10 patents to his tenure with the Galaxy range of smartphones. The judge in the end he was right in one of them and banned the sale of three models from Samsung. The prohibition in this country does not affect the tablet.


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