Monday, December 5, 2011

Portable projectors, videos and presentations without screens

Until recently, the easiest way to share videos or photos with friends was called at home and watch them on TV. Now, thanks to portable projectors is simpler, it does not even need a television to view the contents to be presented. What is the difference from each other?

Portable projectors are simple and useful in different situations. A professional for presentations and display documents on a personal level to meeting friends. The differences between them often lies in the power of the equipment (measured in lumens) as well as its size and weight. For example, 3M, one of the brands that have chosen this type of equipment, has a small range of projectors that differ in weight, size and functionality. From the 154 grams of MPro120 and 12 lumens of brightness to the fullest MP180, of 338 grams and with WiFi, Bluetooth, projection capability disparate formats, and so on. Philips also has decided to launch a range of projectors with different capabilities, from simple to the most complete PPX1020 PPX1430.

Anyway, this type of micro projectors are called to be among the big winners this holiday season, for its great flexibility.


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