Friday, December 2, 2011

CarrierIQ, the system that violates the privacy of your phone

A company belonging to the Carrier IQ is at the center of attention for having been accused by computer security experts dedicated to collecting data on the use of the device and even the content of text messages.

The scandal came to light through some information published on several blogs, in which supposedly gave as an example how to Carrier IQ software collected data from one phone HTC Android operating system from Google .

According to The Wall Street Journal , Carrier IQ was quick to deny the accusations and said he would take legal action against those who suggest that he was breaching the privacy of users.

The company denied that its technology will be dedicated to record, store or transmit the contents of messages, emails, photographs, audio or video, and said the sole purpose of their software was to measure the performance of the phones and help detect problems improve their performance.

Responses of the manufacturers

Google said it has no contractual relationship with Carrier IQ, but its Android operating system provides handset manufacturers with an option that can make modifications to it according to your needs or those of telecommunications companies.

Apple said it had already begun to stop using such software on their devices with IOS operating system 5 and Nokia confirmed that he had never been present on their phones, like Microsoft in its Windows Phone.

HTC said that some telephone companies asked to install the software on their devices, such is the case in the U.S. AT & T, T-Mobile and Sprint (unlike Verizon ), who reported using the technology of Carrier IQ to have data about their network to make service improvements.

This case adds to previous controversies raised by the tracking and tracing systems that allow phones to function as GPS and peppered Apple and Google to transcend their devices keep records of users' movements.


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