Friday, December 9, 2011

Robot Heineken beer

Some time ago we talked about the robot R2beer2 partying cousin of R2D2. Today, after the hangover of the weekend comes its evolution that is now fully functional, the Robot Heineken . In this case there is a prototype but a real robot you can buy for about 2,500 €.

Its origin is curious because the Heineken robot was developed as a piece of art for Autonomous Systems Labdel Department of Product Design and Engineering of ...Middlesex University Kinetica Art Fair for London in February 2010. The robot was a success and is now a commercial product. Its consumption is a barrel of Heineken 5-liter and is powered by a pair of 12-volt motors, a servomotor plus some infrared and ultrasonic sensors. They say that also serves beer almost perfect, but that, if not I do not think so.


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