Monday, October 31, 2011

Recycled paper turned into art

The skills of some people can be truly exceptional, this is the case of a British artist named Jennifer Collier. Recycled paper for all kinds of objects. Une paper with different techniques, that dog from the stitching, the glue and wax, to get things as spectacular as you can see below. makes all the objects at hand and not repeats, each of them is unique. Converts the role that greater use would not work very realistic.

Private jet is controlled by the iPad

This aircraft is a business model, the Gulfstream G550, which is priced at $ 60 million. An industrial designer named Stefan Radev has transformed it to have an iPhone as part of the controls of the ship. This aircraft also has a number and iPods Cases which passengers can be controlled from the aircraft air conditioning, to the very multimedia system of the aircraft. It is a concept that can be carried out, only has to invest heavily in its production. Really, it's just modifying existing aircraft.

Urban Concept Audi, audi car future

This car was first shown in Frankfurt and is one of the potential audi cars which aims to surprise among his future line of cars. Like many of the cars we drive in the future is electric. It has two electric motors of 20 hp each and capable of going from 0 to 100 km / h in 16.9 seconds. It measures 3.21 meters long, 1.67 meters wide and 1.18 meters high, while its weight is only 480 kg, since his body is a plastic alloy and carbon fiber. The interior is also used aluminum. Its range is 73 miles and recharges its battery in 20 minutes (with a dose of 400 volts) or an hour (in a traditional outlet.) is also convertible, as the roof moves to the rear.

TDK Headphones IE-500

When you mention the word "ceramic" industrial elements always understood extreme quality and high costs. At the sound is the same, until we have TDK surprised by these headphones extreme quality.

TDK has executed some elegant ear headphones made of ceramic with the advantage that this material is one of the best to get a high quality sound effect. Ceramic capsules headphones and varnished black enamel provide a perfect packaging for the waves and the air flow.

Technically, IE-500 TDK headphones integrated 10 mm micro drivers with Neodymium magnets, capable of playing all types of frequencies with an impressive power for headphones this size. Thus, its frequency response between 20 and 20,000 Hz and reaches 16 ohms impedance. As aesthetic detail, the 3.5 mm connector. Is bathed in gold.

Moreover, in terms of ergonomics, the headphones are marketed under three silicone sleeves in different sizes (S, M and L) and feature a 1.2-meter braided cable, a practical element that prevents the annoying tangles formed by keeping the headphones.

Navigating through the secrets of the scientific revolution

The Royal Society , the oldest scientific institution in the world, has since opened this week to consult the Internet archive , thousands of research that, like Newton and Darwin changed the course of history.

If you destroy all the books in the world, the journal of the Royal Society's Philosophical Transactions' the fundamentals of the science of the last two centuries would be saved. For free, anyone interested can check more than 60,000 documents covering three centuries of great small discoveries and advances that have forged the current scientific knowledge, contained in the file of the company, which won this year's Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities . The award jury appreciated the push for "research and dissemination of knowledge generated by humanity" of the Royal Society, an institution that began in 1660.

Browse through the vast archive of British society can save pieces of history of science as the awful stories about the first blood transfusion. Or know of young students struck by lightning while trying to clarify the nature of electricity , in addition to scientific research transcendent as Faraday, Maxwell and Boyle.

"If you destroy all the books in the world and just stay the Journal of the Royal Society Philosophical Transactions , it is safe to say that the fundamentals of science and intellectual progress of the last two centuries would be saved, "he wrote in 1870 the biologist Thomas Huxley. British society was the first institution in the world to publish, in 1665 , a magazine that met the rigorous control standards that today are imposed on themselves the most prestigious scientific publications.

Among those who passed these checks was Isaac Newton , who published in 1672, which is considered the first scientific writing, "New theory about light and colors." He also wrote in the journal Philosophical Transactions Benjamin Franklin , who used a kite to prove in 1752 that electricity travels rays from clouds toward Earth and you can pick up artificially.

Modern science advanced to blind their first steps on a journey that you can follow in detail through the archive of the Royal Society. His publications collected curiosities such as the writings of the French astronomer Adrien Auzout , which in the seventeenth century, published his particular vision of the Earth from the Moon , in which he described the appearance that the planet should provide for a "supposed inhabitants" of the earth satellite. " For the people of the Moon , Earth must show different faces depending on the season. In winter there should be no green in most of the planet while in summer, all fields must be yellow, "he says in 1665 the astronomer, who came to design a telescope more than 300 meters to observe the Moon.

The Royal Society was inspired by the ideas of the scientist and philosopher Francis Bacon (1561-1626) to create an institution dedicated to extending the frontiers of knowledge through the development of science, mathematics, engineering and medicine.

"Opening the file opens a fascinating window into the history of scientific progress over the past centuries and will interest anyone who wants to understand the evolution of science," said Uta Frith psychologist today, library board member of society.

Members of the Royal Society are elected for life among the leading scientists in their respective fields and among its members have included Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, James Watson and Stephen Hawking.

Today, the institution has about 1,500 members , including 75 Nobel laureates and nine Prince of Asturias, and five representatives of the British Royal Family, including Queen Elizabeth II.

Electronic waste from rich countries, a pollution problem for the poor

Electronic waste (e-waste) from rich countries is recycled in the poorest countries, where it causes heavy pollution and endangers the health of its inhabitants, according to a study released Sunday.

While overseas shipments of electronic waste is prohibited by international agreement, the authors claim that entrepreneurs "unscrupulous" send many of these wastes to Africa and Asia in containers load, along with new equipment, whose import and export is permitted.

Tests conducted at a school near a deposit of electronic waste in the suburb of Agbogbloshie on the outskirts of Accra, the capital of Ghana , revealed contamination by lead, cadmium and other contaminants harmful to the health of more than 50 times above risk-free levels.

In this area, which also has a market, a church and a soccer field, the children collect copper circuits, plastic and other trash from high technology to bring money home.

Atiemar Professor Sampson, a researcher at the Atomic Energy Commission of Ghana, Ruediger Kuehr of the United Nations University in Germany, warned in his study that most electronic waste coming from abroad was burned and destroyed without the measures security adequate.

Ironically, experts say that metals and other critical parts of destroyed equipment (mostly from Europe and North America) could run out within a few years , increasing the cost of flat screen televisions, mobile phones and batteries of electric cars.

Informal Landfills

This study is part of a larger investigation aimed to analyze the problem of electronic waste in southern Ghana, said Sampson.

However, this is not something that happens only in Ghana but in other developing countries like China, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh and many others, where they are creating technology landfills , lamented Kuehr.

The goal is to better understand how to recover the metals in these informal dumps and determine the concentration of heavy metals to assess levels of contamination and health risks, especially in children who "often mouthed the hand that has been in contact with the contaminated surface. "

So far, Ghana " has not regulated the import and management of electronic waste, "said Sampson, and although the country signed the Basel Convention (which governs the import and export of hazardous wastes), not yet integrated into their legal order.

Moreover, the value of items of electronic waste and the large number of people working in the recycling informal "increasingly difficult to end there," because "the livelihoods of many people now depend on the income generated by these activities."

The UN, U.S. agencies and computer companies have joined the initiative to end the e-waste that is estimated, for example, 100,000 mobile phones may contain about 2.4 kilos of gold, equal to $ 130,000, more than 900 kilos of copper, valued at $ 100,000 and 25 kilos of silver equal to $ 27,300.

Therefore, countries are asked to agree a global recycling model using sustainable technologies and focus on improving standards of health , safety and environment, which is accompanied by business models, as well as a program to develop awareness-raising policies the manufacturers.

The UNU Programme, UN Environment, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), universities and companies like Dell, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard (HP) and Philips have joined in the initiative "Solving the Problem of E -Trash "(StEP, for its acronym in English).

This initiative, involving both researchers, aims to standardize recycling processes globally to recover valuable components of electronic waste, extend product life and harmonize laws and policies.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Add salt and pepper to the meal with two batteries

The gadgets are something that is increasingly addicted, everyone likes to have some original and different accessories for tasks routinely done, how are you batteries to spice food. They have a design that mimics the batteries or type D, but with the peculiarity used to store salt and pepper. They are on sale for $ 12 and can actually be useful, not as hundreds of other Gadget.

Slingshot to make funny pictures

Usually a small weapon is a slingshot to throw things about "Y" and has a rubber attached to launch, but this slingshot is very special. This model pictures and is the work of designers and Um Jung Jung Eun Young Yim , this will pull the rubber and then released to take the picture. Sting Called Shot has a USB port to get photos to your computer, flash and is special to capture the frightened face of his friends when threatened by a slingshot. The slingshot has different names in different countries: China in Venezuela or Carpe reporter in Chile and Mexico, deep in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay; tasting in Ecuador; rubber in Colombia, slingshots in Cuba, etc.

Don’t smile, don’t say ‘Say Cheese’ and definitely don’t strike a pose! All these are a taboo when you are using the Sling Shot Camera, a real fun concept that aims to capture the real you…. when you are digging your nose, sticking your tongue out and scratching your butt! What ever happened to lighter side of life; thankfully this camera will bring back the spunk to natural photography! And as you guessed it works like a slingshot; yippee what fun!

The first supermarket where you can buy virtually

A supermarket chain in South Korea has opened what is the world's first virtual store and purchase it through a conventional smartphone and a special application. The smart phone users simply scan the bar codes of products because the products are not physically on the shelves, as are photographs. The supermarket is called Homeplus (Tesco) and is the second string of the Asian country and offers 500 items, ready to be purchased in its new "store" that is located in the station located in Seoul Seolleung. After scanning products, a home delivery service is giving the compardor in 24 hours.

"You place an order when you go to work in the morning and can see the items delivered at home when you come home at night," said a spokeswoman for Homeplus.

In fact, consumers don’t have to be anywhere near the virtual store. For example, if you want to order replacements of a bottle of water that you have in your hand, you don’t have to stop by the subway station. You simply scan the bottle’s barcode with the Homeplus app. The products are delivered later to home or office.

Currently, only Android smartphone users will be able to use the service that launched last week. Not that Homeplus hasn’t made an app iPhone, it’s just Steve Jobs and Co. hasn’t approved it yet.

Scooter made from bamboo and electric motor

This scooter is an ecological product that would significantly reduce pollution, and is called t2o. It differs very little from a conventional, except that it is electric, made ​​of bamboo and that the driver is seated, instead of it has to go on foot on a backup. This is the work of ecological scooter a French designer named Antoine Fritsch and has used bamboo to be a lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly. The t2o has an electric motor that allows him to reach a speed of 35 km / h and an autonomy of 40 km per charge.

the 't20' bamboo bike is a prototype by french designer antoine fritsch as part of an ongoing
research project to investigate themes exploring changing behaviors related to sustainable development.
although the body is made out of bamboo, other elements include cork, steel, aluminum and rubber.
surprisingly, the small motor, which is hidden under the footrest, can reach a cruising speed of
35 km/hr (21.7 mph) for a range of about 40 km/hr (24.8 mph). the acceleration works similar to
a scooter, employing manual power from the user to push the bike forward until it gets going,
while a hybrid cork structure acts as a fusion between a seat and backrest for a comfortable ride.

Noah, shelter to survive a tsunami

The Japanese company Cosmo Power Co . has created this refuge that is spherical and can be one of the best solutions to keep us safe in case a tsunami occurs. This floating capsule is made ​​of reinforced fiberglass, has a window and holes for the occupants to breathe. The president of the company that has invented, Shoji Tanaka, is 1.2 meters in diameter and a capacity for four people. Actually I have a very curious name "Noah", making a clear allusion to Noah's Ark . At the moment have already sold the first two units have been created, but I have orders for 600 capsules more.

Brazil, Germany and the U.S., the ones who have asked Google to remove content

The Brazilian authorities, the Germans and the Americans are those who have submitted during the first half of 2011 more requests to Google to remove content they consider to violate their laws.

Through its tool "governmental" , the search engine company has published information on the requests that courts and government agencies have submitted for the removal of content (each request may relate to multiple items) or to access user data.

From January to June 2011, Brazil filed 224 applications for Google to remove content from their various websites (of which the company suppressed by 67%), especially issues relating to defamation, identity theft, the rights of copyright, privacy and security. Next in the list Germany , with 125 requests that were taken into account the 86% U.S. and 92 requests a withdrawal rate of 63%, and South Korea, with 88 applications and a rate of content removed from 63%.

In Spain were sent 13 requests (28% over the same period last year) concerning violation of the law on defamation, privacy and security and pornography, and Google removed all or part of site contents web by 54% of cases.

For its part, the Argentine authorities asked Google on 21 occasions to withdraw certain content and the search satisfied the demands in all cases.

User data

The Mountain View company also has published statistics on any request from the governments in the first half of 2011 to access user data .

The United States leads the list with 5950 requests and a response rate of 93%. In second place is India, with 1739 applications of which 70% went unanswered, and in third place appears France, with 1,300 requests for data, which Google said 48%.

The Spanish authorities requested in 460 cases data about users and the search engine company responded to 63 percent of them.

In Latin America, Brazil is also the most active country in the request for data about users: 703 applications filed in the first half year of which 87% went unanswered. Applications in Argentina amounted to 134 (32% satisfied in cases), in Chile, 118 (with a response rate of 42%) and Mexico, to 48 (of which Google take into account a 42 %).

Facebook chooses the cold northern Sweden

The social network Facebook announced this week it will build its third center servers and the first in Europe in Luleå , northern Sweden.

The center will be composed of three cameras and servers will serve about 800 million users of social networking in Europe, said during the presentation in Luleå, Tom Furlong, head of new facilities Facebook.

The investment will amount to between 3,000 and 5,000 million Swedish crowns (between 329 and 549 million euros), of which the Swedish Government will provide approximately 100 ( 11 million euros ), said the Swedish Minister of Industry, Annie Lööf.

The choice of Luleå is mainly due to its weather, as it is in the coldest area of Sweden and the cold is necessary to keep the temperature of the servers, said Furlong.

The construction process will begin immediately and is expected that the first camera server is ready within a year and the entire project is completed in 2014 .

The kitchen of the future will be like a laptop

This cooking time is just a concept by designer Trenchevski Dragan, who has designed what would be a future Electrolux kitchen. Would have an induction cooker with four power levels, cutting board all kinds of food, and a grater and a touch screen to scroll through the recipe while cooking. If we look at the dirt that is able to accumulate the screen of any laptop, I do not even think about the amount of fat and dirt should be removed from the screen after using the kitchen. This kitchen would also be portable, so you go camping and not be the same, we would not be loaded with gas bottles to cook or worry about getting burned with fire. Also have wireless connectivity, both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and made ​​a touch of modernity, its author has placed a webcam, speakers and microphone, so that the cook can be entertained by video conference with friends while you are cooking. It could connect to the Internet to download recipes and to check the nutritional information and food and stay healthy. do not think this gets to come true some day, but if he ever hits stores cost much money. Although it has many features, is a product I do not think Electrolux is willing to trade in many, many years.

LEGO Digital Camera

Everyone who has spent much of our childhood playing with LEGO blocks usually have a special affection for these blocks of colors, so this camera is a very attractive invention. This LEGO digital camera has no technical features worthy of a model last generation, has a 3 megapixel sensor, internal memory for 80 images, flash, USB port and 1.5-inch LCD screen. It's for sale on various websites such as the Amazon and Barnes & Noble . The price varies between 50 and 60 dollars, according to online store that sells.

The case that turns the iPhone into a projector

The iPhone stores inside a lot of information that would be interesting to see a larger screen, so have devised the Monolith iPhone Case, a housing with integrated projector. Thanks to this case that includes a pico, the Monolith iPhone Case, the iPhone becomes a handy pocket-ready projector to project anywhere. Monolith iPhone Case has a 1900 mAh battery is capable of projecting images at a resolution of 640 × 360, generate a screen up to 60 inches, features a 1000:1 contrast and 12 lumens of brightness. will be available in Japan at the end of the month for around 200 euros.

Ball with 36 cameras for 360 degree panoramic photos

Perform 360-degree panoramic photographs is a difficult task, but this invention called Throwable Panoramic Camera Ball , a ball that has 36 cameras like a mobile phone to get it easily. At the moment a project is only an inventor named Jonas Pfeil and according account on its website seeking funding to mass produce.

Each of the cameras is a 2-megapixel model into action just throw the ball into the air. The results are good, but has yet to improve.

Macquariums, aquarium recycling a CRT screen iMac

The macquariums are more than an original way to recycle the old iMac, are proof that many of the products we throw away can have a second life. In this case turned into a beautiful aquarium. The iMac now sport a very thin before using a monitor with a cathode ray tube had a very colorful, which makes them very fun to build an aquarium. The inventor of this Aquarius is called Jake Harms , who has simply been collecting old Apple iMac and has been recycled to create aquariums as geek as you can see from the pictures. Each one of you created Macquarium is priced at $ 250 and has a three-liter tank, where as indicated by its creator, there is room for 1 to 3 frogs dwarf, small goldfish, and so on. Of course, you water filter and a lighting system that makes it an even more attractive in the dark.

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