Thursday, October 27, 2011

Applications for tablet aimed at the smaller

At three years, Manuela takes a lifetime watching his father with a computer in hand. Until recently this was only pileup to work or, at best, watch a movie. But they got the tablets: a slight but huge screens for your hands, full of light, sounds, colors and lots of surface to slide your fingers, play and experiment.

Manuela's father, of course, soon saw that their tool could be an ally. The girl, a fascinating and relentless in minutes earthquake bored with most things, have fun, learn and is paralyzed in front of the tablet. As Martha says Parrondo, a child psychologist Vaca Center Orgaz in Madrid, play with them "concentration favors the child" : "In very young children stimulates visual-motor coordination: as touch, improves hand-eye coordination. In the most more reason to help them cope with problems. And another thing: these games increase your tolerance to frustration. We know how badly children are losing an adult, at a machine, which challenge again and again, learn before to lose. "

Also, of course, there are drawbacks. Parrondo highlights how "very shy children take refuge in these technologies, so you have to limit them to half hour, a child must, above all, relate to playmates and play in the parks. " So I said, for thirty minutes Manuela may travel to other digital worlds, but during the day, you must learn, grow and have fun in this.

Android has become the leading system application downloads in the second quarter of 2011 . The Google system has a market share exceeds 44% and Apple downloads (31%).


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