Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The biography of Steve Jobs arrives in Japan with 25,000 reserves

With over 25,000 copies reserved in advance , the first part of the authorized biography of the late Steve Jobs , written by Walter Isaacson, arrived Monday at Japanese bookstores in an edition of 100.0000 units.

It is hoped that this first edition is exhausted in a short time, so that the publisher Kodansha, responsible for the publication, and preparing two editions of 50,000 copies each , explained a company spokesman. The first part of the biography of the founder of Apple has been translated into fourteen languages ​​and leave this Monday for sale in eighteen countries.

In this volume, the Japanese version has 432 pages and priced at 1995 yen (19 euros), will follow a sequel in Japan will be released on November 1 with an initial printing of 100,000 copies and a second edition of 50,000.

Nippon press ahead some anecdotes of the biography , as the fact that Steve Jobs wanted the renowned Japanese designer Issei Miyake created uniforms for the employees of Apple. When California entrepreneur came up with this idea after visiting Sony factories where workers were dressed by the designer, but eventually the initiative did not come forward before the opposition of Apple's own employees.

The book, according to media Nipponese, also ensures that the high-necked black jersey that became a hallmark of Steve Jobs was inspired by the designs of Issei Miyake , who would have sent a hundred of these garments.

It was expected that the biography of Steve Jobs went on sale on November 21 , but his death on October 5 made ​​its publication be brought forward one month .

Walter Isaacson, former editor of the magazine Time , has written in the past biographies of other famous people as the German physicist Albert Einstein, former U.S. President Benjamin Franklin and former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.


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