Friday, October 28, 2011

The new members will have iPad instead of laptop

The Apple fashion has permeated the spirit of the Spanish members. At least, that is clear from the latest plans for the renewal of telecommunications equipment have been approved by Congress for the next legislature.

Earlier this week, the House presided over by José Bono launched a competition to purchase smartphones for Members asked which devices with features that only meet the iPhone 4 and iPhone4S. Now, the Permanent Deputation of Congress unanimously accepted the contract that will allow the next parliamentary deputies enjoy iPad tablet instead of a laptop, adding a personal telephone iPhone and an ADSL line at home.

According to shop online from Apple Spain, 4S iPhone is available from 599 euros , and an iPad 2 from 479 euros.

The agreement, which has been justified by the need to adapt to technological advances and for the convenience of members , has been adopted in accordance with the recommendations of the Board of Computer Science House and renegotiate with the company after his contract Movistar delivery of services.

Sources Bureau explained that the decision was taken after finding that the laptop was delivered at the beginning of each term to the new members themselves were not used as such , while the tablet, much lighter and smaller, easier Internet access for Members and their work from anywhere, even outside of Congress, while traveling. But have not explained the reason why they drafted specifically the Apple brand.

Nor have materialized if the incorporation of the material received iPad each new parliament will or not a higher cost than buying new notebooks represent, although they have stressed that the phone company awarded the Chamber had already achieved a very favorable rate conditions.

They have also stressed that the new iPhone that once received the deputies did not involve any cost for the Congress because the company replaced them free of charge by previous mobile phones.

Starting on November 20, when general elections are held, and once the Electoral proclaim the deputies of the Tenth Legislature, when they go to Congress for accreditation will receive both the tablet and the phone , but will repeat the with the same phone and only get the iPad.


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