Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Android phones offer applications similar to Siri, the iPhone voice assistant

The application Siri, an intelligent voice assistant , was the most striking novelty of all how many have been announced for the new iPhone 4S . This striking tool could become a new IOS claim against Android. However, although Google's mobile operating system by default does not have anything close to Syria, if it has downloadable applications that fulfill similar functions.

Among the most popular voice apps are Edwin, Speaktoit, Vlingo and Iris (Siri spelled backwards), which was developed in less than eight hours after the announcement of the already popular iPhone voice assistant. No application reaches the accuracy and efficiency of the system developed by Apple, but perhaps the reason is not fully integrated into the OS as if it is Siri.

Edwin uses the same engine of knowledge that Siri while Iris (still in beta and you need a lot of tuning) uses Wikipedia as their primary source of information. All four applications work very well when it comes to dial phone numbers, send messages and get weather information, nearby restaurants and so on. Speaktoit is perhaps the worst reviews received.

The problem is that, for the moment, neither Syria nor have Android applications Castilian version. What works in Spanish, and with great efficiency is Google Voice Search , the system's voice search Google standard on Android phones. Although "not smart" accurately detects what you say and provides Internet searches, locating addresses or writing messages, among other functions.

The possibilities of Google Voice Search rise and become more complex with the complement of voice actions . Google's official tool is more like Siri Voice Commands, which comes preinstalled on the Motorola Defy terminal . No wonder that Google would be finished by allowing the integration of voice enhancement in all their phones, as a downloadable application from the Android Market.


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